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Law School Applications / Re: Masters
« on: May 04, 2009, 01:13:15 PM »
I am having a similar thing. 

I am going to be going in with a Masters' in City and Metro Planning with a GPA around 3.4.  My undergrad wasn't as good. I am retaking a few of those classes with the hope of making my records look better.  My question here is would they look at both grades, or just the better of the two for the classes that I retook?  Also, would my completed Masters have any help on my record?  I read from the last posts that it may help with scholarships, but I am curious to see if maybe there is anythign else I should know.  I am planning on taking the LSAT in September adn entering school the fall of 2010.  So, anything is good to know.

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