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I have been accepted into a handful of schools, but I STILL haven't heard anything from most of my top choices: STANFORD, HARVARD, UPENN, UCHICAGO, NYU.  I am getting worried because my first deposits are due at the end of this month and I still have no idea will I what my options are.  :o

Is anyone else still waiting for replies or am I destined for the rejection/waitlist pile? I have already sent in mini updates to the schools I haven't heard from, however, the last thing I want to do is annoy them.  Any advise? 

Also, for those of you who are UMich or Georgetown law students, can you give me some feed back about the good, bad, and the ugly for your respective schools? So far, they are the biggest contenders in my book.  Please, feel free to post here or contact me through PM. I really want some honest insight into your schools. 
I would like to study international law (public or private) and I would like to work abroad. From what I've been told, if I want to work abroad, prestige is a HUGE factor in employment.  $$$$$ is not my goal, but I would like to make anywhere between $80,000-145,000 upon graduation (to pay off loans and support myself).  What are my best bets?  If anyone has any insights, please enlighten me. 

Thanks in advance!

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