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General Board / Re: How many credits to take during 2L?
« on: August 04, 2008, 07:46:44 PM »
Take a lighter load and try to work full time. Try to spend the hours other students are spending on law review working in a law office of some sort. Hopefully, you'll be getting paid...

There's a primary tomorrow. I just saw 4 political ads in a row.  :(

I went to brunch at this really nice restaurant for my mom's birthday this morning, and now I'm super sick to my stomach.  :(

OMG.  The Jitterbug has to be the funniest thing ever.  Why didn't they just call it "Old People Phone?"  The commercial makes me giggle every time, I swear.   :D

I love that this is also the same phone they're trying to market to toddlers.

I just went out to get the mail, and my summer reading has arrived. Ugh.  :-\

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Circus Ponies or Omnioutliner?
« on: July 31, 2008, 03:10:55 PM »
I don't think you can, that's why I didn't use it for my class notes. The only thing that acts like OneNote is OneNote, which is why I'm a little annoyed they haven't come out with a Mac version yet.

Its crazy to me.  With all the things that a Mac can do that they haven't come out with something more similar to OneNote. 

And whey you ask about it at the Mac store they try to tell you that Word for Mac and OmniOutliner do exactly the same thing. they don't.

....aaaand I'm finished with my Biostats final.  ;D

I will be very happy if I don't have to look at Greek letters or a normal curve for a very long time.

I looked at Volvos and thought they were too expensive for a person in grad school right now. Maybe when I graduate. Sigh...

Yea they start out cheap, but I built one of those C30s online and with all the options I wanted it was 40k. That's alot for a little car like that, but I want all the bells and wistles cuase I like car gagadets.

That's why I went with the Jetta–it had a lot of *nice car* features for the price.

I looked at Volvos and thought they were too expensive for a person in grad school right now. Maybe when I graduate. Sigh...

I briefed the whole year, but I think the reason I was able to do that is b/c my briefs were never that long or in depth, just a tool to make sure I figured out the most important concepts from the cases.

When I was reading I would brief the case in Times New Roman, and then during class I would hit 3 returns between the name/year of the case and the rest of the brief and then type all my class notes in Arial, so that the class notes were sandwiched between the name of the case & the rest of the brief. I did this all in Word 1st semester & Google Docs 2nd semester.

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