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California Western / Cal Western or Thomas J…
« on: March 27, 2009, 04:21:53 AM »
Ive been accepted to both for Fall 09. Still undecided as to where I should go, here is what I am considering:
Cal Western Pros
   (1) Highest bar passage rate in San Diego 85%
   (2) Very nice library
   (3) Down town location
   (4) Oldest law school in SD
   (5) Well respected in the community
   (6) At least some of the faculty are awesome (like Paul Gudel-Contracts)
   (7) Moot Court room amazing
Cal Western Cons
   (1) 13% don’t make the grades and are kicked out after first year, higher rate of academic       attrition than USD(3%), Thomas J. (4%).
   (2) Parking hard to find
   (3) Not offering me a scholarship

Thomas Jefferson Pros
   (1) Student satisfaction higher than USD and Cal W
   (2) Relocation in 2010 to state-of-the-art 8 story building downtown
   (3) Scholarship
   (4) Friendly staff and faculty
   (5) Rising Bar passage rate to above California average
   (6) Innovative programs for Law school success and Bar passage
Thomas Jefferson Cons
   (1) Ranked the lowest in San Diego compared to Cal W and San Diego
   (2) Lowest Bar passage rate than the other two SD law schools

If anyone can add to any part of my list, id be grateful

So what’s the buzz around TJSL about the new site. Its projected to be completed in time for your last year if you are graduating in 2011, what are the students saying about it?
Ive been accepted for the fall 09.

Thomas Jefferson / Re: TJSL Entering Student 2009
« on: March 27, 2009, 01:58:06 AM »
Hi vlu, I was accepted there too for Fall 09, and happen to know a great deal about TJSL. Ive toured it, sat in a 1L class, had a great conversation with Judy the friendly bookstore lady, talked with various current students for hours on end, talked with alumni, and even know a few friendly people in the admissions office. It does get some bad rap, but ive noticed that most of the time, its usually unfounded or incorrect in some way. Im from San Diego, and its where I’m finishing up my undergrad. Im extensively involved in San Diego’s Prelaw community, and have nothing but love and respect for this “little” town. What would you like to talk about?  :)

The only number that matters is 38%... the amount of 1Ls no longer with the class at graduation.  89 students and only 28 were transfers.

The San Diego Local Pre-Law Perspective: TJSL is a solid, up-in coming school, especially in comparison to the other two law schools in town. Ive noticed how most of these assessments of Thomas J are only taking things at face value.  Ive got a few misunderstandings that I feel obligated to clarify, but ill start off with TJ TROLL’s because it’s the most recent, and easier one that I can warm up on…
If we look solely look at the stats from LSAC (ABA Approved Law Schools):

Thomas J
   After 1L
      ~4% (20 people) forced to leave due to academic reasons
      ~6% (30 people) left for other reasons
   After 2L & 3L
      5 people leave due to academics
      34 people leave for other reasons

*So the reason why you are coming up with 38% of students not finishing, is because you have more than 30% leaving for other reasons other than academics after the three years. Im not sure if you have checked the profile of the school, but a good number of students at TJSL are parents, working professionals, and others who have multiple obligations to juggle with in addition to Law School.  After the first and most challenging year, only 4% of students were forced to leave because they couldn’t make the grades. In comparison, that’s not half bad.  USD is 3%, and Cal Western is 12%.
(if you would like to know my math, feel free to check)
   TJSL: -20(academic) -30(other)= -50 (11% out)……4% Academic Attrition
   Cal W: -39(academic) -60(other)= -99 (30%out)…..12% Academic Attrition
   USD: -9(academic) -29(other)= -38 (11%out)……….3% Academic Attrition
Cal Western:

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