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Bluegrey-- what sorority?

I decided to add my 2 cents:
I think everyone (to an extent) is originally attracted to a person because of looks. BUT... confidence is just as good as looks, in my opinion. If a guy projects a confident (not cocky-- there's a thin line) vibe... that adds about 20 points to his attractiveness score. But this is a hard line to walk, because there is nothing worse than a conceited guy. Also-- money  does NOT mean a THING. When I was in HS it was cool to 'go out' with the dude whose dad had boats/lakehouses/planes/etc.... but now we are at that stage in our lives where smart guys HANDS DOWN outshine 'rich ones.'

And as someone on here said earlier, most of the girls on this board are pretty driven I guess -- so we do not want to depend on a guy financially anyway.

Bottom line is that, for me at least, it is HOT when guys are smart. There is nothing cooler than having a guy around who I look up to because I feel that he is intelligent. It is also really cool when a guy has done a lot for himself -- hasn't had to live off the parents.

I think the OP will do just fine... just break out of the shell, go up to girls and talk, and use that humor to your advantage.

alpha phi

after my friend (call her Amaya) broke up with her boyfriend (his name is Chaz) of over 2 years...
my other friend (Sally) ended up hanging out with him...
Amaya told me to go along in order to keep an eye on Sally, make sure nothing went on between her and Chaz...
somehow he ended up kissing me after a "who can get the most free drinks in a night" contest...
i ran out of the bar & sobbed hysterically to the bouncer...
Sally suspected something went down but instead i lied straight to her face...
Chaz later told Sally the truth...i vehemently denied everything and said he was insane...
Amaya never found out...

none of us talk to Chaz anymore, but Amaya would probably never speak to me again if she found out...

No experiementing for me. None. I was 100% straight since I realize this boy Kyle was cute in 4th grade.

Though I totally agree w/ veg that most people do fall along a continuim

its almost rare to find someone that hasn't "experimented"... at least in a drunken "i wanna impress a boy" way...
i've never kissed a girl, people find it impossible to believe considering how close i am to my best friend and considering i was incredibly scandalous the first 2 years of college... but it's like "chrissy, come on, you've DEFINATELY kissed a girl, don't lie!" as if i'd be ashamed of it.... but i sort of feel like thats the one aspect of being a drunken sorority girl that i missed out on :(

girls are less shallow than men (how often do you see a super hot guy with an ugly girl????) and they look more for personality


They are usually involved for money. Seriously. Like 9/10.

whattttt!? i disagree....
i dated a  certified hottie who was loadeddddd.
i also dated a guy that was broke as a joke and would pass for borderline "cute"
i'm pretty sure its a little bit more complicated that "money"

my advice:

a lot of those less attractive guys with attractive girls happen via friendship... i know once i became friends with someone and i was attracted to his personality and character, the appearance thing didn't phase me, but looking back i'd never point him out in a bar and say "he's hot". hell, two of my attractive guy friends have less attractive girlfriends, and one of them asked me once "do you think _______ is pretty? she is the most beautiful girl in the world to me" it was so cute... both couples evolved from being friends first....

stop thinking about... or waiting for a relationship...  relationships happen when you least expect it. if you're shy, maybe you should try the friend angle... i'd imagine it would be a lot easier than hitting on a girl you don't know. go to bars to socialize & get comfortable talking to random girls, it may help you with shyness / low self esteem.

don't worry about the bed situation... the right girl isn't gonna hold that against you... if anything, she'll think its endearing.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Unwittingly Dangerous Habits
« on: December 25, 2005, 09:10:38 PM »
People like to go drinking with me.

They like to get me drunk.

Especially the girls.  I'm one of the few guys they can usually drink under the table.

ohhh my gosh, boys that can't handle their liquor are the best to drink with. ever.
i love when guys say "i don't drink liquor, just beer" - i immediately start buying shots of vodka, soco & jack. if that doesn't work, i'll question their masculinity... they're hammered within 30 minutes.... hilarioussss.

Have we gone drinking before?  ;)

perhaps... if you ended up at the ER with alcohol poisoning, probably ;)

Someone bought one of our dogs a Juicy Couture bed.


well well, very snazzy.
i think its funny how popular Juicy Couture has gotten recently... i feel like its so delayed!
Juicy caught on REALLY early on Long Island...
i remember nagging my mom for Juicy tees and Kate Spade bags for christmas 8 years ago!
(i was a freshmen in high school EIGHT YEARS AGO. holy *&^%, kill me now)

Now the dogs and cat are having their stockings. 

Thank goodness.

I thought we were the only crazy people who did that.

ha, ha... i do that too.
know those GIANT dog bone candy canes at Petco? oh yeah, both my dogs got one!
and i got my dog a $40 pink plaid collar.... which i got SO much *&^% about...
to me, she wears it for a year at least, so why not spend the money on a cute one? she gets MY money's worth out of it!

I don't like that ones she's wearing either.

I just want a strand of black ones and a strand of pink ones, with matching stud earrings.

The stuff my mom gave me looks like it belongs on an 80 year old woman.

I dig this one:

Can't go wrong with Mikimoto. 

mikimotos are equisite, i got a great deal on a pair of earrings while in St. Maarten... my uncle is a retired jeweler and tipped us off that the st. maarten is a great place for cheap Mikimotos and David yurman

most expensive gift i bought was a $150 outfit from GAP for my best friend who is a starving actress in NYC. she literally doesn't fit into her size 1 pants anymore, which is good cause most of her clothes are from Abercrombie and are rediculously juvenile...

the most expensive gift i recieved were a pair of Billy Joel tickets or my David Yurman pink topaz bracelet (i think they are trying to overcompensate cause i'm single or something? haha. whatever.)

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