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General Off-Topic Board / Re: What Is Your Starbucks Drink?
« on: December 29, 2005, 04:57:36 PM »
morning: Cafe Americano w. skim milk & sugar (if i need a boost i throw in an extra shot of expresso)
afternoon: Cafe Mocha w. skim milk
dessert: Light Java Chip Frap w. whip

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: washington and lee. any thoughts?
« on: December 29, 2005, 04:50:54 PM »
After receiving a barrage of angry PMs from W&L loyalists, I will admit that my delivery was sarcastic and somewhat harsh to those who do not share my sense of humor and/or perspective.  I am not, as one 3L claims, trying to drag W&L through the mud.  It's a great school and most of the students like it a lot.  The academics are excellent.  Like every school, it has its pros and cons, but even in the light of all its positive aspects, W&L is not the place for me.  I have listed some of the factors behind my decision to transfer, but there are many others that could not have been foreseen (I do not wish to delve into specific details about my life, so let's leave it at that).

ha, don't worry... i posted about W&L awhile back and got a pretty offensive PM too. i went to UG near W&L so i've been there a few times, and i have several (older) friends that went there so i offered up some advice about the lack of social scene at W&L. don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and full of history but the lack of surroundings and lack of diversity are something a lot of people find hard to adjust to.

lived on LI forever....but moving to NC in June. unless my aunt pulls some strings and gets me a position at the Rockefeller Foundation...

i'm going to Philly for NYE. i've been to NYC for the past 3 years and i refuse to do it again... all the VIP / table service nonsense ruins the atmosphere of normally cool, laid back bars. it turns into a crowd of over cologned guidos hitting on barely dressed chicks, using the line: "yeah, we're VIP".... ummm, no you're not, you're stupid and you each just spent $300 on a $40 bottle of greygoose and the privilege of sitting on chairs.

sorry, had to vent.

hmm - then how come you're moving to NC?

i plan on returning upon completion of school, but i also realize that it's not for everyone

its temporary... my parents had some monsterous house built outside Charlotte and then conned everyone we know into moving down there as well. i pretty much hate Long Island and NY in geneneral, so there's no point in busting my ass to live here for a year alone. i plan on moving to Charleston after law school anyway.....

Thanks for the comments, Yea I know I was crazy to shoot for some of those schools. But I seriously was didn't have a clue how much my low LSAT would distroy my 3.65 GPA. Also yea i'm working with kaplan, I got a tutor and am already scheduled for the October LSAT. I will be applying to Cooly among other schools. I mean I can still hope to transfer, right? I really like the idea of asking for Part time also, I will definately do that. I think that I heard that I can add an extra request asking that they consider me for Part time as well if I don't get into fulltime. Can I do that?? Also does anyone know of a list of schools that doesn't average the LSAT? Thanks everyone

i'm not positive, but does Drexel have any sort of law school?
i thought i heard something about that... but maybe it isn't ABA approved yet?
might be something to look into.....?

Dios Mio, is Pres going a courtin'?

hardly - just thought there may have been another Southerner gracing the boards

have fun BG, it's a great state (in fact, "A valley of humility  b/w two mountains of conceit")

thats what i hear....
frankly, the only thing i like about NC are the Brew Thrus in OBX.

bluegray, do you call the Old Dominion home?

i wish... no, long island.
charlotte, NC will be home by June though....

i'm in school in VA, but you'll soon be in my neck of the woods - are you taking a year off?

i'm in the midst of my "year off"... but i'll be adding another year to it....

bluegray, do you call the Old Dominion home?

i wish... no, long island.
charlotte, NC will be home by June though....

If she didn't want it and he did it anyway, it's rape.

I wouldn't be able to be anywhere near somebody like that. What a horrible person!

This reminds me of that guy Bush appointed to be head of the FDA, this big Christian doctor who was against the morning after pill and all this other stuff, and his wife filed for divorce because he kept having anal sex with her while she was sleeping.

His defense was that he just couldn't tell which hole he was using.

That's also disgusting. On so many levels.

And that's a CRAP excuse. It feels COMPLETELY different.
(or so I hear)

And the whole morning after pill thing PISSES ME THE @#!* OFF.

I recently found out that NO doctor in this town will prescribe it. And PP is open extremely limited hours. What the @#!* would you do if  you really needed it? God. Talk about setting the table for unneccessary abortions.

there is a website,, you can get birth control or the morning after pill prescribed straight to a pharmacy all done online.......

by far the best gift i got was my huge ass JMU diploma frame complete with the sketch of Wilson Hall on it....

most expensive was the aforementioned David Yurman bracelet / Billy Joel tix

worst gift was an Elizabeth Arden facial & massage package. i detest/despise/loathe massages... i hate when strangers touch me... bad enough getting manicures, but massages? yuck.

wow, no wonder i get accused of having intimacy issues...

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