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The thing about this first diagnostic test is that I find it tricky, at least for me. The Diagnostic was at 6pm, when you are tired and just off from work, so of course I was going to score awful. I was hungry and not expecting to take a test the first day. So although it is helpful to some extent the environment and conditions are not really ideal for test taking--I found this a bit tricky on the part of testmasters.

But the course in general was great and other Diagnostics were in the mornings, I just don't get why the 1st one wasn't in the morning as well.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Prep strategies and timeline for June
« on: March 17, 2009, 03:49:01 PM »
Hummm...meeting the teacher is easier said than done. i tried twice to meet my Testmasters teacher, and TM said they still didn't know exactly who would be teaching until weeks (like 2wks) before the course started.

It turned out my teacher was good, not great, but good enough where I got most of the ideas. But most importantly, people need to realize that just taking the course does not magically mean you are getting a 170+. There needs to be some serious after-class study time. I took TM in July, planning to take the test in Oct. Well, that didn't happen, I ended up taking it in Feb, which I so did not regret.

After what you learn in the class, you need time to make sense of it and make sweet music with it. You learn all these wonderful concepts/tricks, but you still need like another couple of months to make it your own. From my experience, the LSAT is like 75% knowledge, and the rest (25%) confidence. That confidence keeps you from panic and vomiting on test-day.

I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can not seem to find the link:

I would eventually like to go into teaching/be a law professor. I wanted to know what schools are best for this?

Also, with my LSAT and GPA handy, I've started to think about what schools I might want to attend. I don't have a dream school, I just want to go to a great school that is not pretentious. And since I am a city girl, I would rather stay in California, New York,Washington, maybe Virginia( I know its not a big city).

So my second question is this, how do I go about picking the best school for me, what qualities should I be looking for (except numbers, I have those)


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