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I am currently enrolled in Widener's delaware campus as a 1L. I just received my Fall semester grades and I ended up with a 3.86. Last year's top 5% was 3.567 and above. I realize that acceptance to another school is contingent upon the grades of the entire year, but I hope that I will end up with a 3.5 or somewhere in the top 10%. With those numbers, what is the likelihood of acceptance as a transfer student to a respectable school in the NY area i.e. N.Y.U. Columbia, Fordham, Brooklyn Law, even Rutgers Newark would save me money and afford me closer proximity to my family and an area where I plan to practice. Do they primarily look at academic performance as a 1L or is LSAT still weighted heavily?

What is the transfer process like in terms of the timetable when you find out acceptance information? If my last exam is on May 17 and grades do not come out for another 3 weeks and then they have to be sent to the schools, they would not even begin review until July. Would this mean that I would be unsure of acceptance unti sometime in August, therefore I would be unable to make arrangements to find an apartment etc..?

Studying for the LSAT / Explanations for Logic Games
« on: May 29, 2009, 11:41:40 AM »
I recently bought the next 10 official tests book from LSAC. For some reason I thought there would be explanations after the tests. Does anyone know where I can find specific explanations if I know which preptest the question is from? Thanks.

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