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In the past 7 minutes i have recieved the following text messages, in order

U Watchin the Celtics
Wake up
[Linderman} text me
U here
My dad looks like a pirate LOL (wtf?)
Yankees Suck haha
call me
go on facebook now and stay on!!!!!!! ( i blocked her)



You know what I think? YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS b/c you are going to Cal Western or somewhere like that.

Now you're yelling at me for agreeing with you.

Sure, they could replace the junior folks...but what's to stop the entire FIRM being replaced by someone overseas?  If I'm going to save money on my legal fees by paying some young guy in India a quarter of what I pay here, why not replace the older, and even higher-paid, one?

For the same reason why you don't replace the older, higher-paid one with a young lawyer here: the work that's done at the partner level actually makes a huge difference.

Associate level: not as much.
Ah, but why wouldn't you replace the older, experienced partner here with an older, experienced person somewhere else?
In my experience with offshoring, the offshore crew very quickly came to resemble the crew over here that it replaced.  They had senior people, junior people, and even managers, eventually.  In our case, most of the senior folks had spent at least a year in America to get familiar with our practices, but there's no reason an "offshore law firm" couldn't eventually field a lawyer at every level, including the partner.

Because the older experienced person somewhere else doesn't have the experience of practicing here, which is why the experienced partners are valuable?

I actually really like Steve because he is a pirate and I think pirates are cool.

Disney or Somali?

I'm in my new house, drinking $2 $3 Chuck!

Not wine from a cardboard box?

They say it's good to question accepted truths to prevent them from becoming dogma.  :)

Race-blind or not, I would have gotten into top schools...for the record.

But now it can haunt you forever and you can grow to be bitter about it like Clarance Thomas.

I knew Law Dog was a Tom. I knew it.

A Tom. How does my saying that I was qualified regardless make me a Tom? You are misinterpreting that. All it means is that I have a strong record. These White people don't think I'm a Tom, I know that. Ask any of them if they think I "love" White people more than I love Blacks. They will laugh at you.

I try not to laugh at anyone.  It seems unkind.

I make an exception for the haughty, however.

I'm impatient, you know.

You're actually very patient.  See, you didn't know that did you?

I didn't.  That's good to know.  I'll be waiting here patiently.

So i have a stalker

A girl whose boss i used to be in a grocery store a few years ago added me on facebook. This girl was a little weird, but nice enough to i accept. She's fine, but her friend added me. Kind of a plain jane at best, but what the hell, i accept. Her first message to me is "hi im blah you look dateable." should have scared me off there, whatever. I talked to her on facebook IM for a bit she seemed normal. asked for my number, and i figured what the hell. by the end of the night she was asking me to go on her boat, go to italy in march of 2010, meet her parents...and for the kicker, asked "are we official yet?" ahhhh im scared, so i do the gotta go thing, figured if i ingore a few texts and maybe a call the next day she'll get the hint. starting from 6:18 Am i have ignored 57 Texts, 8 calls, and about 15 facebook messages. I logged on facebook for 5 seconds like 10 min ago and she noticed, and texted me within a minute. what a nutjob

So... how crappy does that make your day?  ;),4019642.0.html

Also, my day just got less crappy as a result of reading that post.  :D

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