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I can't seem to find a picture of him toward the end of Austin Power 3, where he's almost bald.

Most of those nice $150,000+ starting salaries would vanish, simply because of the laws of supply and demand.

This is simply not true.  There's a huge supply of new lawyers each year, but they haven't done anything to drive down the starting salary at the big firms.  Lawyers are simply not fungible in all instances.

And I bet there are tons of partners at big firms who would love to replace some of their associates with outsourced labor from India.  More profit for them.

Job Search / Re: Judicial Internship at District Court or RA?
« on: May 03, 2009, 08:11:57 PM »
I was initially going to work both as a part-time, but the judge is requiring me to work at least 4 days a week.  So, it seems like I would need to choose between the two.

I have a judicial internship lined up at District Court of N.J., and also a research assistant position with a professor who is going to do research on corporate/employment law.  Corporate law is where I want to go into eventually.

Do I take the judicial internship or RA? Would it make such a big difference when I try to interview for a 2L summer job?

I think the conventional wisdom is that 1L jobs don't make a big difference in terms of how you do in finding a 2L job.  I think the important thing is that you're able to speak intelligently about your 1L summer experience during interviews.

Personally, I think the internship sounds more interesting, but that's just my opinion.

Good luck!  :)

All lawyers (or, more precisely, the firms they work for) have a vested interest in making sure as few new competitors come into the market as possible.

I disagree, because new lawyers entering with a market will only compete with some existing lawyers but not others.  New law school graduates, for example, will be competing with associates, but not necessarily with partners.

I hope so too.  Good luck!  :)

Legislatures are full of lawyers, and they'll never let the legal profession to open up to a real level of competition, especially from people overseas. 

Problem with this: you assume that the interests of all domestic lawyers are aligned.

My practice tests were within a 2 point band for the month or so before the test.  My actual score was one point below that band.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: How much debt will you accrue during law school?
« on: May 03, 2009, 05:57:09 PM »
Worst-case, about $100k. I'm crossing my fingers that the market will be kind to me and give me juicy 2L SA position (we can all dream, right?), though, which would lower my debt slightly.

$500K (worst case)  8)
Ask me why I don't care...

OK, I'll bite. Why?

Oh, it won't be a problem just as soon as a couple of aged family members kick the bucket  8)

LOL.  You're terrible.  :D

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Add a word
« on: May 03, 2009, 05:39:21 PM »

Some people actually want to become public defenders, you know.  :P

Not you!  Because you can't afford to be one.

I don't want something because I can't have it?

Actually, that would probably be a good rule to live by.

I think I could get by on $32k actually.

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