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That's some very red hair there.

BTW bl825, it seems that at least one other URM matches me in numbers (actually a significantly lower GPA) and admits. Not much different from me: In at Columbia, UVA, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, Fordham, Illinois, GWU and Duke. Waitlisted at Harvard, Yale and Chicago, and waitlisted then rejected at Berkeley and Stanford. Rejected outright at Michigan and NYU (NYU still averages LSAT's, so that's probably why). Still waiting on Penn and GULC. Gee, whadayaknow? Does CLS with a 3.58 GPA still look impossible?  ;)

You seem to be missing the point, which is that in spite of your uncanny ability to guess where I'm headed in the fall, I'm skeptical about anything you post about yourself.

Who cares whether you believe something or not? It really doesn't matter, does it? You might be some clueless undergrad playing games for all we know. It doesn't matter, and i have absolutely nothing to prove to YOU.

LOL.  You seem to have spent a lot of time trying to prove things to me.

But I shouldn't pick on you when you're not around anymore.  :)

What does "bl825" stand for and how come you're the 825th one?

Somali pirates are totally cool.  I have to confess, though, that the Disney pirates are the sh*t.  I'd so much rather see them hijacking freighters around the horn of Africa than a bunch of Mogadishu jerkoffs.

No offense to you Steve, if you happen to be from the big M or somehting.

I thought you were supposed to be telling me things about me?

Not all the time, only when it's appropriate.  Now it's appropriate for you to let all of us know what you've done with the other 824 bl's.  I sense foul play.

I'm kind of inappropriate, unfortunately.

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Goodbye from LawDog!
« on: May 07, 2009, 10:07:10 PM »
It has been really fun people, but I gotta go. I have too much to do over the next month, including moving to the east coast, prepping for the LSAT (doing so to get more $$ and get off waitlist at many people's dream school), getting ready for my internship in NY, and doing Law Preview...normal stuff I guess.

bl825, get your stuff together. I will probably wind up creaming you in court some day... ;) ;D

LOL.  Best of luck, LawDog.  I mean that.  :)

Well there's also the opposite effect: people are lazier and more burnt out, so they don't work as hard.  :)

No I only live 15 minutes from work, I just have to be there at 8 (and I move slow in the mornings)

I was going to say that you better get moving, but then I realize you already are.  :D

CTL: That sucks.  I'd probably pay out in that situation, but that's just me.  I should probably start thinking about my own health insurance between this thing and the next thing.  :(

I slept pretty well, just not a whole lot. I've been tired recently

You get up pretty early!  Long commute?

I need health insurance. 

Hopefully, universal health insurance is on its way.

So-so.  Didn't really sleep well last night, but no time to dwell on that.  You?

I don't understand how girls can act like that and think it's a good thing

It's called insanity.  ;)

Morning blue.  :)

So far: 5.  Up too early, need coffee, didn't sleep well.

Sucks.  :(

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