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William Mitchell / William Mitchell Graduate, taking questions.
« on: March 08, 2009, 05:30:55 PM »
I'm a recent grad of William Mitchell, working in a mid-size law firm in the Twin Cities.  I see that our board hasn't received a lot of action recently, so I thought I'd resurrect it.  If anyone has questions regarding the faculty, curriculum, quality of education, or job placement, I'll try to answer them.

Lay it on me.

I'm a recent graduate of William Mitchell College of Law (WMCL) in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It's a private, independent law school founded in 1900, whose best known graduate is Warren Burger, the fifteenth CJ of SCOTUS.  The school has had a long and distinguished history (see, and I'm one among many who'd like to see that continue.

For prospective students, I can provide valuable (and frank) information about the curriculum, the facilities, the overall quality of legal education, and job placement.

For other recent graduates, this thread can be a place to discuss what WMCL does well and what it can do to improve and maintain its competitiveness in the legal world.

Ask away!   

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