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I did too! Are you guys going on friday?

O wow.. That makes it so real.. I'd like a copy too. Thanks..

O okay.. Well I wish u luck throughout the decision making process!

Hey Moi, what is it that has you torn between both schools?

Anyone else?? Mreric I tried to send you a message, but I'm not sure if it went through.. But where r you from?

Gotcha!!Which school did u chose? Ole Miss?

Thanks! I spoke to a few attorneys in the area who pretty much think both schools are on the same level. It would only make sense because UALR is smack dab in the middle of Little Rock whereas Fayetteville is 2hrs away. The way I viewed it was that it is probably easier to gain lasting connections when you are 5mins away from the legal community than if you are 2hrs away. That's my opinion....BUT we shall see come this fall I guess :-D That was my reasoning... But I tend to be overly optimistic.

No ome!?!?

Incoming 1Ls / University of Arkansas at Little Rock decided students?
« on: March 07, 2009, 07:43:32 PM »
Has anyone decided on this school? Thinking about it? Currently attending??

I have been accepted and would like some feedback on this school. From what I hear it is very 'up and coming'. Can anyone shed light on this?

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