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I received my acceptance letter from GA State today, just a week after I had applied! Thanks so much for your kind words!

Yeah, I figured as much ...

Thanks for the info though, I really appreciate it!

well ... on 3/2. I know it is too early for a response but an indication was to when would be nice ...

Thanks. That sounds hopeful.

Do you have any idea when I could expect to hear from them on their decision? I cannot seem to find any info on that. I would hate to wait until June/July timeframe!


They do not offer a part time program. I am afraid I cannot afford to quit my job just now, especially not before I am 100% certain that law is "IT" for me. I have heard good things about GA State though. I think at this point I would be happy to be accepted there. I am a little nervous about my LSAT score though ...

I just received my LSAT score and it is 159. Does anyone know what my chances are for GA State (the part time program). My GPA is 3.5-3.6 (from a German university), I have a very strong international background and 8 years corporate experience as a project manager. Thanks!!

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