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on a side note, a friend from WUSL said the best professor she has ever had was from SLU law....haha

I was at SLU one day, and not at an admitted day, so it probably was a bad decision on my part not to stay another day to explore the school more. I thought the campus was great, the lounge and library at SLU was great and the big window sitting over the lawns and fountains was a beautiful rest in a day.  Cheap housing is all around and you get tons included,some fireplaces, washer/dryer etc all for a great great price.

I need more about the school itself though so anything you can tell me in detail would be great...or I will have to call them again.... ..about the health institute and actually what they really do and how that helps a law student?  where the jobs are after graduating from there?

And, my concern is, if I chose to want to practice in Boston say, how will chosing SLU help me ...or would it be better to go to a law school in Boston now even though its lower on the rankings?

so send me anything you can think of

The career Services office representative talked about that very subject..trying to get a job out of region.She said honestly that SLU places the best within the Law school's region.she said that if a person wanted to practice on the East Coast that they should go to the East Coast School.As for the East coast school being ranked lower it depends on how much..i mean, at least the people in Boston would know a decent amount about the school you graduated from if you decided to go to school in the Boston area. People who go to SLU are looking to stay in St. Louis..or at least work there for a while until the resume, experience and reputation you have to keep that in mind. As for the Health Law program, They place all over the East..even D.C. But that program is the exception since the program is ranked #1 in the Nation.I know that if you decide to go into health law you can get a dual degree a J.D. with a Masters in Public Health.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UMKC '12
« on: April 07, 2009, 06:34:11 AM »
Good luck ntiger i know you'll do well in KC.

Can we bring this back to some helpful sharing of information so those of us trying to decide can get some positives and negatives on SLU?  The sincere comments are appreciated. After visiting, did you feel the school was basically all HEALTH LAW? and my concern is what if we change our direction and health law is not our area that we want to pursue, then how is SLU?   

Any help here would be great, and try to keep the thread from being critical of any of us spending money to have a law career ....we want to make this a better world.

so tell me everything you can about st louis and the school .....thanks

I agree, but sometimes the trolls do come..and we have to spend time shooing them away.Anyway, the school to me did not seem all health i said earlier,they had a very good corporate professor and had a good corporate law program international and domestic focusing on transactions, commercial real estate, acquisitions, and mergers. Plus the University has a pretty good public interest law clinic in a stand alone facility down the street.

As for St. Louis, it is best to visit it before August when you are moving up. The city is nice but it is an old city with lots of old architecture. The city seems to have a policy of preserving old building and restoring and renovating them instead of bulldozing down history which is nice because that way of thinking is so rare among major American Cities. So it is best to take a visit to the city if you are from a megalopolis like NY or such for it takes some getting used to.

The St. Louis Lambert International Airport is the only airport that I have ever been to that has a parking lot directly in front of the airport flying out of ST. Louis is a breeze..the Airport never gets too congested. There are many different ethnic and historically significant neighborhoods in St. Louis like in the other more northern cities of Chicago, NYC and Milwaukee. From what the 1L's, 2L's and 3L's tell me, it doesn't snow too much, but it is really cold throughout the Winter.Anything else you wanna know just ask. And contract, stop pestering people. We are looking at SLU because we like the school..regardless of perceived rank..i was accepted to Wash U but i like SLU and their willingness to help their community.

IMO, 34k for this school is too much.  I would have attended had I received a scholarship.

That being said, St Louis (love it to death) is very clique-ish.  When I got on at a bank, the first interview question they asked is 'Where did you go to highschool?'  People from STL stay in STL and things that may seem stupid like where you went to school, family name, etc. can matter in some circles.  This is the reason that SLU places so well in the area.  It has the reputation locally based on word of mouth and contacts and is familiar.  However, I worry to an extent how many of these SLU grads are getting awesome jobs in STL because of their family connections and not education or work done by career services.

Another word of advice, lawyers have told me that if you are out of state and attend SLU you are looked upon less favorably than STL natives who attend SLU.  Its the mindset of 'us vs. them' and employers worry less about you jetting off to another part of the country anytime.  Again, people from STL stay in STL.

In conclusion, go to SLU if you can afford it and want to stay in STL.  If you have any doubt about the cost or staying in the region, walk away.  Admitted Students weekend said that they place a lot of grads in WashDC and Chicago -- that is misleading, as most of the grads placed there are in Health Law.  If you aren't health law, good luck getting in there!

I agree with this..maybe it's from talking with you about it so much...but what you said does warrant attention.I've heard about the cliqish nature of the community from many people who live in STL..even the Taxi Cab driver who drove me to the airport...So, yes, i am sure that many firms will probably ask SLU student if they are looking to stay in for me i will..i like the vibe in STL and coming from megalopolis South Florida, i can appreciate a more laid back, i am a secret rams and cardinals i like snow.

I couldnt make the admitted day, so I just did the tour and sat in a class and based on what you commented here, I missed a lot.  Did they mention about when you can do clinics?  Did they mention anything about how they grade in the course; meaning is there only one exam or other papers or anything that is considered for a grade?    I am having a hard time deciding on St louis and a school in Boston...and I have one week left to decide.  So anything you can share from your admitted day would be great.  Also, anybody from St.Louis seeing this ...can I live in St. Louis without a car?  Thanks

The professors primarily discussed their teaching philosophies and what subjects in law they're experts on. There is a really good business law professor least that is my opinion of him..i do a pretty good job of spotting difficult but great professors and i believe that he is one of them. And no, you cannot live in St. Louis without a car because it is a wide Metropolitan area spread across three counties.  If you are price conscious when it comes to Apartments, you might want to live more than three of four blocks away from the law school since the apts surrounding the Law school are very expensive but not that great, except the Coronado which is a 1920's era Luxury hotel that was renovated into a apartment building, whose rooms are relatively great compared to the other apts around the university..they are pricey, but the good thing is that all utilities are included (internet, Electricity Heat..etc.). I liked the facilities..they were nicer than most schools i've attended..i did go to state school so maybe that's why.

Also, the Law school does get involved in the community-- a LOT ..more so than the Infamous WASH U...for the ranking pundits, i applied there too and will turn down an offer of acceptance from them if i get one, and go to SLU. I believe that there is more to  choosing the right law schools than what other people think about matters what I think about them. I mean, I will be the one going there anyway..not the guys from US news or the many trolls on LSD.

Lol..I am nice guy ntiger..i just don't like it when people are negative..sometimes, it is just made that comment because browsing through this website i see a lot of people crushing other's dreams unnecessarily.

I do not believe that St. Louis Has this problem though since SLU alums are in law firms everywhere and they like to recruit only their own people..

This makes me laugh.   ;D

Law graduates these days are desperate enough to go any where jobs are maybe (just maybe) excluding North Dakota.  If you think law firms with partners graduated from St. Louis will hire you over some guy from WUSTL, University of Texas, or Vanderbilt, with everything being the same, you're dreaming. 

I tried to be nice on here. To respect your view. Listen man, I know that you are wrapped up in that "my school's name will make up for the obvious Lack of Talent I have school of thought". I know that I am good at law...and it doesn't matter if I go to WUSTL or SLU or Widener..I will sell myself and I will make an impact. I'm not going to law school to get a  JD with a fancy name like "Harvard". I am going to Law school to learn how to Read, analyze, and use the law to better society. I will be able going to the best school for me..not the best one for a lot of followers.

The thing that is messed up with your logic is that you think that a school's "Name" defines a "lawyer". How about you win a few cases and be in the legal profession for 10 years then tell me if what school a lawyer is an alma mater of means squat if he spouts out nonsense like you do.

I appreciated your first comment, but i did not ask for negativity on my thread. If you want to bring that then stay off.And i can tell you one thing, I hope that I do see you in court..I will wipe the floor with you.

Contract 2008, you have a point. I appreciate your remarks.It is ALWAYS a good idea to sniff  out the legal market of a region before you decide to go to it's Law school...cause the last thing we all want is to go to law school in a region where there are no good jobs available. I do not believe that St. Louis Has this problem though since SLU alums are in law firms everywhere and they like to recruit only their own people..providing that the SLU graduate is able and qualified.

From what i have heard Snakemongler, the neighborhood directly south of the university (tower Grove/ Soulard) is a nice, safe place to live..and is way cheaper than lining in the Coronado or the Horrid University

Day 2 was nice snakemongler.The dean gave a lecture on the case given to us in our Admitted students weekend package. We also had the chance to talk to the Faculty and hear their approaches to law. I think that they were all very intelligent professionals.Going to that weekend made me cast serious doubts on the validity of the US NEWS rankings..the professors spoke about the school's law clinic that is the official representation of the HUD office of Saint Louis as well as their business and criminal law Clinics and the fact that unlike many other law schools, they are hiring more professors to reduce class sizes to a yale -like 25 to 1 student to Professor Ratio. After the Faculty Panel we had lunch with the students and then had a housing fair with representatives from apartments in the area in attendance, as well as SLU students passing out regional apartment guides which was nice of them.

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