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Yeah, Villanova won't let students work on women's reproductive issues during the normal 40 hour workweek or receive any credit for same because of their feelings on abortion.

NO WAY!   :o

Incoming 1Ls / Re: True Costs...
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:58:37 PM »
Wow, I hadn't thought about the lunch anyone here on a meal plan, or would you overall recommend just packing a lunch?

Man I donít know about other schools, but at my school a 1L can eat lunch for free just about every day. Just about every day some group is having a meeting, or talk, or presenter in which they provide free lunch if you show up. Like on Mondays I do the black law students meeting, pizza or burritos usually, Tuesday the womenís law student association meeting (a lot of salads), Wednesday the Latino Students association (real Mexican food, sometime a pot luck!) Thursdays the Law School Republicans (sandwiches, they are not that creative), then Fridays the Law Democrats lunch (mostly pizza, but they always have a veggie option too, being so inclusive you know), then the next week Iíll have lunch at the Reproductive Rights students group (an again lots of veggie options here) then the next day the Pro Life students lunch (fetus shaped meat sandwiches) then Iíll go over to the Business law association and get some BBQ, then Environmental Law associations for some free range organic sustainable pitas etc. repeat as necessary. BTW I donít belong to any of those groups, I just eat their free food.

That was beyond awesome.  :D

Law School Admissions / Re: Decision Rendered at Penn?
« on: March 12, 2009, 03:53:35 PM »
My baby sister is a freshmen at the college.  I got my letter in the mail the other day.   :)
Anyway, it's a great sign!  You're just days away from finding out if you got in! Keep your fingers crossed!   :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What area of law do you want to pursue?
« on: March 11, 2009, 01:41:23 PM »
Okay LawDog, as a law student one does have to remain objective, but we are also required to take a stand on issues and cases.  All that happened here was that I did not take a stand in favor of Chris Brown.  

I am a human being, with feelings and opinions, just like any other person in law school.  Many lawyers defend clients that they know are guilty.  Do you think OJ's lawyers were completely and totally objective?  Do you think, deep down, they didn't feel as if they were doing something morally wrong?  Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, but they had to put aside their personal beliefs and emotions to get the job done.  If I really wanted to, or if I really had to, I could argue in favor of Chris Brown, but I don't want to, and I don't have to.  You assume that I am totally and completely incapable of succeeding in law school, because you assume that I am unable to remain objective and "see a case from all angles".  You are wrong, lawdog, and you have no justifiable reason to make such a judgment.

I am not a lawyer now.  I am not on Chris Brown's defense team, and I do NOT HAVE TO remain objective here.  I am on a message board, we all are, so...chill out.  Also, I have been required to write papers on countless occasions where I had to argue in favor of a position I disagree with, and I did quite well on all of them.

It all comes down to the fact that you need to get over yourself, LawDog, because (whether you realize this or not) you speak as if you're the best thing that ever happened to the legal profession.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What area of law do you want to pursue?
« on: March 09, 2009, 05:00:09 PM »
I'm sorry, this is just a really sensitive issue for me.  My entire life I've wanted to go to law school and get a law degree so that I can use it to help end violence against women and girls.  That is all.  I honestly didn't mean to start an agrument.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What area of law do you want to pursue?
« on: March 09, 2009, 04:50:47 PM »
But I do agree that Chris Brown needs professional help for the psychological damage that he incurred as a child growing up in household affected by domestic abuse.  I do believe that is one of the main reasons boys grow up and become woman beaters themselves...because they learned it in the home.  The same way many woman date abusive men, because their fathers were abusive to their mothers....

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What area of law do you want to pursue?
« on: March 09, 2009, 04:42:46 PM »
Nope, I'm not thinking like a lawyer.  Maybe when I start law school in the fall, I'll start thinking like a lawyer.  For right now, though, I'm going to think like a person that has been involved with eradicating violence against women and girls for many years.  I've raised over $16,000 for domestic abuse and rape victim services within my city over the last couple of years, and I am thoroughly educated on domestic abuse.  Everything I've heard about the case has led me to believe that Mr. Brown is the picture perfect example of a "woman beater" and Rihanna sounds like the typical "victim" of domestic abuse.  When I hear people defending Chris, I can't help thinking that they know very little about the intricacies of the typical "domestic abuse" case, because the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown situation fits the mold perfectly.  No, I don't know the whole story, but I know enough to have an opinion on it, and I have a right to an opinion.  And because I really do believe in my heart that he's guilty, and because I'm not yet a lawyer, I refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt and play along with the whole, "aww, but we don't know the facts yet!"  Sorry, but in domestic abuse situations, we rarely learn all the facts.  Maybe if he denied doing it, maybe if he didn't issue a public apology saying that he was sorry for what he did, maybe if Rihanna issued a statement saying that Chris wasn't the man that hurt her, maybe then I would give him the benefit of the doubt. 

And I don't care that Rihanna "is no angel".  It still does not make beating the crap out of her okay, at least not in my book, and I won't ever defend a man that beats a woman that severely.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What area of law do you want to pursue?
« on: March 09, 2009, 03:58:19 PM »
LawDog, I totally get what you're saying.  The thing is though, Chris Brown never denied doing it.  He never said he's innocent.  In fact, he issued a public apology, basically stating that he did it and he's sorry.  I understand that you're just trying to be fair and follow the law.  That's great and all, but Chris Brown IS guilty.  He never denied being guilty, Rihanna never denied he did it, and the picture, above all, speaks for itself.

Anyway, I kinda feel bad for you, LawDog.  I'm sure you didn't expect to have all these women riled up after defending Chris Brown, hehehehe.  :P

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What area of law do you want to pursue?
« on: March 09, 2009, 02:07:29 PM »
Miss B. Anthony, you rock.  :)

To the furture entertainment lawyer:  I saw the police affidavit for the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown fiasco.  I can't remember if I saw it on Access Hollywood or Entertainment tonight, but that's beside the point.  It basically stated that the fight started after Chris Brown received a 3 page text message from a lady friend he had a previous sexual relationship with.  Rihanna saw this and become upset.  Chris Brown started to beat her and slam her head into the window.  He tried to push her out of the car, but because she was wearing a seat belt, he failed.  This made him even more mad, upon which he screamed, "I'm going to kick your ass when we get home!"  He continued to punch her in the face while driving, and even put her in a headlock and bit her, until she started to lose conscious.  Yeah...Chris Brown beat the crap out of this tiny, skinny, petite woman.  Regardless of what she said or did, he was in the wrong, and people need to stop sticking up for him.  If he did that to YOUR mother, sister, best friend, girlfriend, whatever, you would not be so kind as to give him the benefit of the doubt.

1. There's a difference between having a defense and "getting [someone] off the hook." I never said that he wasn't entitled to representation.

2. Crazy female dog or no, there is never any excuse for the kinds of injuries inflicted on Rihanna. None whatsoever. It doesn't matter if anyone was there to witness it, I can tell you right now that there is no justification, and I can't believe that you would suggest that whether she's a crazy female dog has any relevance to the matter. Being an apologist for that kind of behavior is one of the things that perpetuates the problem. The only thing that would exonerate him would be if there was someone else there who beat her, and no one is suggesting that is the case.

3. You know, I'm a little sick of people pulling out the "innocent until proven guilty" bull. This is, of course, absolutely vital in the courts, but I don't need a jury to tell me that he's a miserable human being who did something that is, to me, unforgivable. I may not want our justice system to pass judgment on him, or anyone else, without legally sufficient evidence, but that doesn't mean that I can't exercise my own judgment.

Awesome!  :D

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