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Transferring / Re: not happy
« on: April 03, 2009, 10:20:52 PM »
I decided to post here, because the topic was already created. I am in the top 40% at a school that is ranked 68 by USNWR. I do not like the city I am in (I am extremely unhappy, almost on the verge of a break down and can't stand it here), and want to move back to Chicago which is my home town...If I am able to pull up my grades a bit more, what are my chances of getting into schools in Chicago --the ones I really wanted to get into don't seem feasible anymore because they are top ten schools. But what about Chicago Kent --ranked 66; or even De Paul --88 (I don't care transferring down, I just need to get out of here before I loose my mind!)Let me know if you guys think transfering down is a stupid idea, or if I have chances of getting into better schools than De Paul.

If you're not happy, then don't stay.  No matter what anybody says, get out!  You'll feel so much better when you're back home.

I went to the career services office at my college.  They were very helpful.  :-)

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Rate the Catholic Law Schools
« on: April 03, 2009, 03:39:54 PM »
What about Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh?  That's Catholic, right?

Law School Applications / Re: Not a Strong Reader
« on: March 31, 2009, 12:24:40 AM »

This is very true. Iím dyslexic, really bad dyslexic and ADHD too. I read slower than the second coming and often have to go back and read the same thing twice because I just spaced it. I went part time in law school in part due to how slow I read.

It can be done, and the advice to break it into small chunks is a good one. You get faster as you get more experience (well maybe not faster per say but you learn whatís important and what you can skim),
Iím also as equally a slow writer because everything I write comes out backwards or inverted so I got spend tons of time running spell check (I spell things so messed up that I often have to put it in 3-4 different ways till MS word figures out what I mean). Anyone whose read my posts for a while can instantly tell when I spell checked a post or just wrote in my native dyslexic tongue.

I will says itís extremely frustrating and there are times you want to throw your book or computer out the window (for me that happens 3-4 times a day) but it can be done. Even being a slow reader, a slow typer and having my brain miss wired Iím number 13 in my class without putting in more than a moderate amount of effort (i.e. Iím not one of those study for 10 hours people, ever).

Matthies, I would just like to say that I really admire you. 


 If you don't agree that low minority representation, white privilege, etc., exist/are systemic issues that we should be trying to eradicate, then you won't ever agree that AA is a reasonable policy.

Good point.


My other question is how do we make this society stop being racist, stop seeing people based on their skin color, if we put so much value into it for admissions/employment?

Oh goodness, there are so many people in law school that have only ever associated with their own race/culture and believe in stereotypes about minorities, mainly because they've never associated with minorities long enough to know better.  If AA puts an underprivileged minority into the same law school as some of these people, it *might* help to end racism among these sorts of people.  Once they start to associate with minorities that they would've never had the opportunity to associate with before, their racist, preconceived notions might start to change.  They'll realize that, "Wow, this black kid, or this Hispanic kid, is not so bad after all...he/she is nothing like what I thought all blacks/Hispanics were like."  ...just maybe.

Wait List / Re: Admitted after waitlist procedure
« on: March 26, 2009, 02:09:37 AM »
Good question!  I hope someone answers, because I'm wondering the same.


Becuase at the school the black kid got into there will be about 250 carbon copies of the white kid in his class, 1 rich black kid, 3-4 other not rich black kids and a few token mexicans and indians thrown in. Repeate at every law school other than the handful of traditinallly balck ones, and you get the picture. There are a alot of white rich kids applying to law schools, I have yet to meet the mythical Cosby family balck guy. Maybe they are out there, but I know allot of the 900 people at my school, but I can count all the balck ones just using the digets on my feet and hands.

two thumbs up from me on this one as well.  :-)

Race-Blind System Hypothetical:

Yale Law has a 7% acceptance rate.

Ok, let's keep it simple. Let's say you have 100 applicants to Yale Law. Obviously, there can only be 7 admits.

Let's say that only 49 applicants have a GPA/LSAT range that Yale would accept. And an additional applicant is close numerically, but not quite at par, but he has parents who donate big money to yale.

so you're looking at an applicant pool of 50 that has to be trimmed to 7.

Also assume that 47 of those qualified applicants are white and 3 are Black.

Now stop the hypothetical right there and assume that all 50 applicants are roughly equal in their numerical scores, eductional backgrounds, and work experience (except for the 1 legacy who is not black).

What are the odds that any of the three black qualified applicants gets admitted in this hypothetical under a race-blind system?

After you answer this question, i'll ask another. get two thumbs up from me on this one.  :-)

General Off-Topic Board / Re: We must return to traditional values.
« on: March 24, 2009, 11:00:06 AM »
Future Lawyers: Protect this country!

Why this country alone?  Why not the world?

- Preserve the constitution.

Which constitution?  Oh, THE Constitution, with a capital "C"?  Is the National Archives not doing its job?  Does it need a new case?  More UV light protection?

- Maintain the limits on the federal government

Yay!  States' Rights!

- Teach your children to be patriotic and proud of this country.

"This country"?  What, its leaders?  The actions of those leaders?  Its pop culture?  Its amber waves of grain? Can you be more specific about what it is I'm supposed to be teaching my children (other than, of course, that "this country" was built on the bones and stolen land of their ancestors.)

- Stop the assault on religion.

All religions?  Or yours?  (Edited to note that Catholicism is a pretty rabidly "socialist" religion - shouldn't we be encouraging an assault on it?)

- Protect traditional marriage.

Including traditional Mormon marriage?

- Encourage innovation through incentives and competition.

Who is going to provide these incentives?  The federal government? Or will we leave this up to states?  And how does that jibe with the whole "free market" thang?

- Don't allow socialism to gain traction.

Hmmm, "socialism" is actually a traditional value in my culture.  Or is only your culture the one we're protecting?

- Stop the endless flow of easily accessible pornography.

That would require more government regulation, and since much of it flows across state lines and over the internet, probably more federal government regulation. 

- Spend more time with your family and less time at work.

See, socialism supports this - capitalism...not so much.

There, you wanted to know which of these any of us had problems supporting.  HTH.


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