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If my desire to remain in DC is strong or go to Boston, would you pick Brooklyn P/T over Catholic P/T?

Does Brooklyn Law's rep carry weight outside of the NYC Metro area?  I know it probably would be lower ranked if it reported P/T numbers.  But I live outside of the area, and not sure I'd want to be there long term.  But don't know enough about it's reputation in other east coast cities like Boston or DC.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Catholic (P/T) v. Temple (P/T)
« on: May 12, 2009, 07:18:44 AM »
Bump...Anyone have thoughts?

Choosing the Right Law School / Catholic (P/T) v. Temple (P/T)
« on: May 08, 2009, 08:15:56 AM »
Strong desire to remain in the DC area, but definitely considering New England long term...pretty much any place but NYC/NJ. 

Your thoughts?  Obviously, Temple is a much higher ranked school, but outside of that, any thoughts are appreciated.

Focus in law is undecided at this time for simplicity sake. 

Is Temple that much better its worth uprooting my life to move to Philly?  Again, I know the rankings say it is, but what about reputations...does Temple "exist" outside of the Philly area? There is no guarantee I'd be able to get a job transfer this year or next.  So if I burned CUA this year, then assumed I'd be going to Temple next year, but cannot get a job, then I've got tons more debt, no job and going to school at night. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Law School or Army OCS
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:48:08 PM »
Definitely take the LSAT's and go from there.  Ultimately, 2 very different paths given the current world affairs, I guess you would have to answer the question: Are you comfortable with the fact that for the entire time you are in the Army, you could end up in war with your life on the line? 

Pretty heavy stuff, as I'm sure you know.  2 very different paths obviously.  You can get into JAG without being an officer, but it is challenging, probably harder than many realize.

What are you priorities?  Income? Serving your country? Being behind a desk if you don't get JAG?

Again, take the LSAT's, get your results and go from there.   

linquest - no family, but the job pays well enough that I'll be able to minimize my debt pretty substantially for at least part of school.  My plan all along has been to leave the job at some point during school to focus/pursue opps in law.  I'm not tied to it, just makes sense to keep it for now, esp given the current job market.  It's not that I never see myself leaving, but just not now, it doesn't make sense.  It should be a good situation, given my employer's support, in terms of balancing work/school. 

Sounds like the difference between SHU and Catholic given my preferences is minimal in terms of reputation etc, even though the rankings differ.  I just have had a hard time getting an idea where SHU stands in markets outside of NYC. 

Thanks contracts...but those are my options right biggest hurdle is job situation in terms of where I could get one or transfer.  I know that CUA is DC-centric and SHU is probably NYC/NJ centric as is the case with most schools.  I know CUA has a direct recruiting placement to Boston for jobs, but methinks its very limited.  Competition is there regardless of the city when these are my options.  I think the loyal alumni base is probably the same at many Tier II or Tier III schools...not to mention Tier I schools, but those are outside of my league right now. 

Live in DC and not 100% I'd be able to get a job transfer this year or next to go to SHU.  Prefer not to be living/working in NYC or NJ after school and am trying to decide between Catholic & SHU.  I know the rankings came out, but given my desire to probably be in Boston or remain in DC or another east coast city other than NYC, any thoughts?

no schollies...wide range of interest for post school employment.

Pushing a couple waitlists, so that could change things and haven't heard from a couple schools as I submitted some apps late. 

Anyone have insight on SHU's alumni base/geographic dispersion in cities other than NYC?

I too am in the area.  There is a reason why GULC has a shuttle service students leaving in the evening/night. Walk a few blocks and you are smackdab in no man's land in the evening...right nearby is the food kitchen that attracts a tough crowd.

But, maybe I painted a bleaker picture then deserved.  The issue isn't that around Union and chinatown has improved, it's the sketchy couple blocks between GULC and those areas.  But, CUA is also next to a metro stop, so walking between public trans and the school has minimal risk.

HOWEVER, like any city in America - at night, regardless of where you are, you have to be aware of your surroundings.

I would still say UMD.  But as SamE points out, UMD is still behind GW, GULC etc in the market.  However, think UMD would carry more outside of the area, a lot b/c UMD is a recongizable name, whereas CUA is not as much.

Yeah, CUA is in a soso part of town, but DC is so small and easy to get around that you don't have to live there.  It's not like if you went to school in Newark at Rutgers and you'd have to live near Newark somewhere in NJ, unless you'd commute from somewhere else. 

IF you are using that as a data point, then I'll offer up that UMD is in an even worse part of town in Baltimore.  Recommend putting aside where the school location is in this case, b/c it's pretty even.  Focus on as SamE says - where you want to be.  If you want to work in/around DC, UMD carries pretty well.

But again, this is assuming you do well.  Lot of people go into law school saying they are going be top 5% etc etc, but in reality that doens't happen more often than people realize.  Let's face it Baltimore has fewer options in terms of number of opps...but if you do well at UMD, it's the better option for sure. 

GULC is in soso part of town as well, but again, you'd put that aside b/c of the quality of the school. 

In the end, I think UMD is the better option on paper.  But it's what you do in school that matters more.  We aren't comparing Harvard to CUA.  UMD is barely a Tier I.

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