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Lemme do two things here.  First, answer the question above, and then ask another question myself.

DePaul is in Lincoln Park...the best place to live is Lincoln Park.  I dont know how familiar you are with Chicago.  Lincoln Park is on the north side.  DePaul is on the north side, Kent is in the West Loop by the Sears Tower and train stations, NW is in the loop, U-Chicago is on the south side, and Loyola is on Michigan Avenue, where the water tower is and all the expensive shops.

Theyre all about 20 mins from each other...that is, if you live in lincoln park, youd be 2 mins from depaul, but 20 mins fromeverything else.  Ditto if you lived in the could commute by bike to NW or maybe Kent, but would be 20 mins to DePaul and Loyola.  Therefore you need to narrow down where you want to to gofirst id say.  I believe the orange line runs right by the Sears Tower, giving access to Kent.  I cant think of what runs right above DePaul.  There is crime everywhere in the city.  Theres noise everywhere in the city.  Cant really say a quiet and safe place.

For my question...let me play devils advocate.  I heard that both a) Kent grads go to big firms in Chi, and b) that its cause its ranked higher than DePaul and Loyola.  How do you factor this into regional schools that are ranked higher?  E.G.  Tennessee.  Theyre ranked 50, and I imagine they just feed into Nashville and maybe Cincinatti. But at the same time, it is ranked higher than Kent.  How do you determine this?   How are you "hired" out of law school?  Is it mostly recruiters coming to your school, cause if thats the case i can see why a school like Tenn doesnt equal big jobs in NY, Chi, or LA.  I can see why going to somehwere like Kent or Houston is good though.  So, just wondering about that.

Thanks guys.

A comment about the areas mentioned, DePaul law is in the loop, as is Kent and Loyola. Lincoln park campus for DePaul is their main campus, but the law school is in the loop. As for me, I think the key factor in my decision is going to be 1) where are the biotech IP firms, 2) where do they hire from. I anticipate the answers to be 1 - located in NY, DC, MA and other than t15 schools, they hire locally. Though acceptances, and scholarships from Hofstra adn New York Law School make NY access better than DePaul and Loyola, I am not sure that the level of access those two schools provide is worth it. I think Penn St. could be a good option, but I am not seeing much representation of their graduates as I look at IP firms in NY, DC. So I think the idea of developing a career in Chicago first might be the most appropriate.

Loyola has a good health law program if you are interested in that route.  Then I don't know where the information was pulled but Kent is ranked 66 and Loyola is 82 for USNWR ranking and whether or not it is the best way, that is how biglaw looks at schools.  For me it would be a tough decision because I am from the Chicago suburbs and wish I could get into those schools, I also have an uncle that got his law degree from Kent.  I would probably pick Loyola but would consider Kent PT.  I wouldn't go to John Marshall if you got into one of the other three.

would you mind commenting on quiet and safe places to look for apartments in Chicago, something close to the blue, red, green, orange lines so that commuting on cta is only like 20 min to Loyola or DePaul campuses in the loop?



If you want to work in Chicago then it would probably be a huge mistake to go to any of those schools outside of DePaul and Loyola. None of those others will place well in Chicago. Especially in IP (where you'd be looking at a specialty boutique or a bigger law firm).

Good luck!

I agree. My specific area is biotech patent law, and from I am finding, there are more firms in the NY, DC area that specialize in this than in Chicago (3). So maybe Penn St. or Rutgers would be better choices overall?

I am trying to find up to date employment numbers that are beleivable. I have been searching law firms and noting the number of lawyers that are coming from various schools along with the year, and after having combed through a lot of them, I don't see the results reflecting what should be the case if what the law schools reported is true. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good way to gauge the employment potential of tier 2 schools and to compare them to each other accordingly.

Why do you have Kent as PT if you have not heard back yet.  Of the choices I would pick Loyola

Why Loyola?

FP is no bull. What was your GPA? Your LSAT is good, but the other stuff is just soft factors and matters very little in the admissions game.

And Penn State is the best option right now.

GPA is a ten year old 2.83 in mol bio from big ten school.  Why do you say PSU is best option? I did not find as much for employment prospects as I did for Loyola Chicago or DePaul.

I do not understand how with a 161 LSAT I did not get into Franklin Pierce, and with a biomedical M.S. and strong letters...ugh@!

Right now I am trying to figure out which is better in Chicago, DePaul or Loyola and if either would be better for me than Rutgers in Newark, Penn State, or IU-Indy. Since IU-Indy has the higher ranking, it should be the choice, but I think for job prospects in Chicago, DePaul or Loyola is best. I have not been accepted to any Tier 1 schools, at least not yet, and it doesn't look good. I am trying to find out where are the IP firms that specialize in biotech and then see where they tend to recruit from. Any thoughts or opinions about any of the schools mentioned would be most appreciated.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Ohio State vs. IU-Bloomington
« on: February 16, 2009, 03:26:05 PM »
I have recieved similar scholarship offers from both schools. Now it's up to me. I'm from Cincinnati, but not sure where I want to practice. I am hoping that visiting the two schools will help, but would appreciate any advice or insights!

I visited the OSU law school, but not IU Bloomington yet. I would suggest OSU because of the employment prospects. Difference in ranking is negligible, but I suspect OSU alumni more active due to recruitment to various firms. A search of where firms hire from suggests OSU is more recruited from than IU Bloomington. If however, you want to live and work in the state of Indiana, definitely IU. If you want to work outside Ohio or Indiana, then OSU.  Those are my thoughts.

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