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Law School Admissions / Re: Getting off a waitlist
« on: March 11, 2009, 02:39:31 PM »
I wonder if it is worth it though. I mean, you likely won't get much in free financial aid. For most schools the scholarship money is gone and although they do get some of it "back" because other first choice students decline to go there, the schools don't seem to reallocate those funds to the rest of the entering class. So if you have a scholarship to a tier 2 school now, and you (like me) are hoping to get into a tier 1 school, it will be at full price. Of course, if that t1 school is in the top 20, then it is probably worth it, but sometimes, I imagine it would be better in the long run to go to a tier 2 with the scholarship than the tier 1. In my case, I am considering between two tier 2's in chicago (kent and depaul) over a former tier 1 (cincinnati) and any other tier 1's that decide to accept me.

So, what were your thoughts?

The biggest gripe I have are those desk/chairs.  It's seems petty, but if I'm taking a 3-4 hour exam that will determine the fate of my life, I'd like to at least be sitting at a desk and chair made for adults.

We could be good friends if we both end up there. Overall, I was satisfied with the ASD. I thought Dean Weissenberger was too emphatic on the "we have never discriminated" statement because how can you promote diversity without some measure of discrimination? All in all it was good. Did you go to the IP desert reception? I am the one who was asking questions about the curve by the which I never got a concrete answer!

Yeah, I think I'll go to DePaul, see you there. I hope we are in the same section so we can have some good classroom discussions. And I apologize in advance for pushing you out of the top 15% - kidding! I'll consider myself lucky to stay in the top 30%!

My top three schools that I am debating between are Cincinnati, DePaul, and Kent. Am still hoping for some Tier 1's to take me off the bench!

I shall look for you there, with your "Ohio" sweatshirt, talking up your PhD, and I'llthink... you, you are the one.  And I shall follow you.  Jamming your wifi connection, and then precariously "misplacing" the only hard copies of the critical research you need to the same shelf, just one floor above or below in the library where it should be.  I will not shower for a week, and eat a healthy bowl of chili the night before exams, and sit bribe the proctor that I can sit in front of you.  You shall rue the day...
And that's something different for you? Maybe you ought to plan to focus more on your studies than on such schemes. Cheers man, and good luck

Yeah, I think I'll go to DePaul, see you there. I hope we are in the same section so we can have some good classroom discussions. And I apologize in advance for pushing you out of the top 15% - kidding! I'll consider myself lucky to stay in the top 30%!

My top three schools that I am debating between are Cincinnati, DePaul, and Kent. Am still hoping for some Tier 1's to take me off the bench!

If you want my 2c, I think you should go to Kent. 


Because I'm leaning towards DePaul and it'll be one less person who seems relatively smart enough to be competition for me to maintain my scholarship.

So like, yeah.  Kent has a better IP program.  Better facilities (lets face it, DePaul's got some dumpy class rooms and those chairs are awful),  plus you'll have that extra distance to go.. and if you take the bus each way, that's like $5, every day and that adds up fast.  Oh yeah and don't forget DePaul has the L runnin by every 20 seconds, how you gunna like that when you're trying to concentrate on an exam and you've got the room shaking like it's Jake Elwood's pad.

Hmmm....your arguements are not strong enough to persuade me otherwise. Oh, and as for the $5 bus...did you ever hear of this thing called UPASS? It is included as part of the fees and provides unlimited rides during the school term.

I really disagree with this. I think this is how it should go.

Diagnostic > Powerscore Bibles > Several practice tests to find weaknesses > Tutor to address weakness > Fine-tune your strategy by banging out as many practice tests as possible.

Combine the last two and I agree. Anyone prepping should also take note, Powerscore only uses real lsat questions, and the best prep comes from using real lsats, so make a note of what tests you are answering questions from in powerscore (they list them at the end) and do not use those tests for your simulations. I made a customized computer assisted feedback to help me analyze my tests. PM me if you want info on how to get it. You will better understand your weaknesses after you have taken and properly analyzed a number of practice tests (at least 5) to see consistencies. I have put together a strategy and tip sheet that helped me improve from a 144 to 161 as well as what has helped me in this admissions process. Feel free to PM me if you want this info.

The discussion about the curve is new to me. I did a Ph.D. through a medical school, but never paid attention to the curve. Are there any particular strategies involved in dealing with it? I mean if 10-15% of the class will receive an A- or better, and there are 80 students in the class, then only 8-12 students will get grades better than B+, and you would just need to be better than as many as 72 other students...okay, but how the heck can you do that?

Your comments about the curve bring up a point that I had not thought about. This is a good example of how a site like this can be useful. I hope anyone interested in this conversation will join in.  Thanks.

about the same at most schools. I was thinking that since there seemed to be more students fresh out of college in the DePaul 1L class I sat in on compared to what I saw in the 1L class at Kent, I could probably organize and compose a "better" answer to the exams among my peers at DePaul...of course I could be wrong. Still, I think the better overall legal education is at Kent, but am I really better off taking on that much more debt? Most IP attorneys I have talked to tell me that outside the top 20, forget ranking. You need to be in the top 10% of your class and if you have your choice of schools in the area that you want to practice, go to the one that puts you into less debt. So, if all that is true, then the choice here is DePaul. However, if what I am saying about the quality of education at Kent being better is true, then should I really ignore that? How can quality of education not matter?

I was notified recently that I got into Chicago Kent. Since it is late in the cycle, I doubt I will get a scholarship. Assuming I don't, is Kent worth full price compared to DePaul with a 15K/yr scholarship. The GPA requirement is 3.3

I visited both schools and I feel that Kent has more to offer the IP student, like me, but employment research indicates that both programs place relatively equal numbers of grads into IP firms. I think it will be a little tougher for me to get ranked higher in the class at Kent than at DePaul (not that I won't have to work my ass off either way).

One nice thing about Kent too is that if I want to live farther outside the city, I can take the Metrarail commuter everyday and they are right next door to union station. At this point I am grabbing at whatever differences I can find. Ranking does not seem to play much of a role here. Even a big firm like Jones Day took practically the same from each school over the last five years (which is like 2 per year!) Although I feel like I would enjoy law school more at Kent, I can't ignore the additional 15K->45K in Kent worth 45K more than DePaul?

Choosing the Right Law School / What should matter most and why
« on: February 26, 2009, 11:38:34 AM »
Going to school in an active legal market with more opportunities (chicago) or going to a school with a lower cost of living, better quality of life, more published faculty, overall better school?

For the purpose of this discussion, consider that the schools are tier 2, and the chicago school is bottom half tier 2 and the non-chicago school is upper tier 2

I am trying to get an idea of what should be more significant, the market location of a school, or the quality of the legal education iteself?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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