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I have heard this from many current students and alumni - go where you feel the most comfortable. Now, there are definitely multiple factors involved in the law school selection, but how the heck do you determine "comfortability" even during a visit? What would be some characteristics of feeling "comfortable"?

Actually accumulating $15,000 a year at 8% interest will leave you with $67,500 debt.  Better to know that now than find out in four years that you didn't factor in that 8%.
Are you sure about that figure?

You're right, I was basing it on four years in school and $15,000/year.  It actually comes closer to $48,700 for three years.

Why would you base it on four know I am talking full time....hmmm...wonder if this is more of his ploy to convince me not to go to DePaul.  I am having a very tough time with this decision. Now Seton Hall just sent me a letter indicating I have earned a $10,000 scholarship there. Am planning to reject though since the cost would be even more than DePaul and in a market that has much more competition. I just feel like I might be "happier" at DePaul than Cinci.

Current Law Students / Re: laptops
« on: March 16, 2009, 08:58:50 PM »
Rather than starting a new thread, I wanted to ask here, if anyone has an opinion on pc vs. mac for law school...I doubt it would matter. I am curious if the typing on a macbook makes a difference? And, for those using pc laptops, anyone care to comment about favorites (in terms of reliability or keyboard)?

That's just it, I don't have a preference. The pros and cons for each choice seem to equal out. I don't know which factor I should be giving more preference to.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: New York LS or Hofstra Law?
« on: March 16, 2009, 03:43:43 PM »
I would suggest NYLS because of their alumni network in NY city as well as the opportunities you would have for experience, networking in the surrounding areas. I have heard many a horror story to Hofstra and that they don't want to give up their employment info is a major red flag.

Take Cincinnati. DePaul isn't worth an extra $45k.


what does "titcr" mean?

This is the credited response
LSAT humor? Great.  I'm still stuck. Practicing IP attorneys suggest the IP program does not matter and that debt is a huge factor, while some say that going to where networking and job opps are maximal is best...
On one hand I have Cincinnati which will cost me $29,000/yr but provides only the basic IP courses. The job opps, placement, and salary from UC are good and there is much less competition for those jobs, unlike in Chicago. Also, the 6 IP courses I would take (hard IP) are taught by practicing attorneys. On the other hand, at DePaul, having $15,000 in debt more per year, the IP coursework and writing is advanced, not to mention the many more job opps. But, I don't think the faculty are as strong as Cincinnati (based on scholarship). Between the two I am sure I would enjoy Chicago more, but one would also have to have the disposable income.

Law School Admissions / Re: which is better?
« on: March 16, 2009, 03:33:58 PM »
There is no harm in the OP's question. I agree that practical advice can not really be offered until they have taken the LSAT, but if he really wants to go to UChicago and then from asking questions early he will know that if he is struggling to beat 167 on his LSAT, he needs to choose some other good schools too. Not like us dumb people who score in the low 160's and have mediocre gpa's  ::)

Take Cincinnati. DePaul isn't worth an extra $45k.


what does "titcr" mean?

It seems my decision is coming down to where I want to work. The best ranked and most economical choice for me is Cincinnati, but DePaul has a much better IP program and better networking environment. In the end it may cost me $15,000 more per year to go to DePaul. With Cinci, I would have at least $45,000 less debt after three years, a good job prospect in the Cinci area, and reasonable salary, but with DePaul I would have at least $45,000 more debt, better IP training, better networking to help me get a job in a good legal market, and hopefully a reasonable salary. If we assume I am comfortable in either city for school and then work, is debt the only factor? How can I know if I would like working in Chicago better than Cincinnati?

I am planning to attend Kent's ASD too. I too am looking to commute via the BNSF. But, I wonder if I will miss important functions or not be able to participate in a study group because of it. Am looking for apartments along the other routes that go into Union Station. Are you fairly familiar with the BNSF suburbs?

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