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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Villanova vs. Hofstra($$$)
« on: April 13, 2009, 04:22:12 PM »
I thought this was an interesting conversation because it was similar to what I was debating between Cincinnati and DePaul. Though Cincinnati was the highest ranked and lowest cost option for me, I felt the best law school experience, maximal job opportunity three years later in my field (biotech IP) would be in Chicago. Overall, I felt the whole legal education at DePaul was stronger, and I felt more comfortable there than at UC. Cost/debt is a huge factor, but you also have to strongly weigh your job prospect potential. I have heard more bad things about Hofstra, where I also got the same scholarship (and had declined), than good. With the debt at Hofstra (and 50K doesn't seem quite right by my estimation including living costs and interest on the loans), I was terrified of the bleak employment prospects for a Hofstra grad. I did a lot of research looking up grads from various schools through Martindale and NALP, as well as as at IP firms in the cities in which my schools were located.

Best of luck in your decision!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: DePaul Bound! Anyone else?
« on: April 02, 2009, 08:42:33 AM »
how is DePaul among all the schools in Chicago? how does it compare to IIT?

i know DePaul has a good IP program. is it good enough to get IP jobs nationwide?

i would mind practicing in Chicago. it's a nice place. but does it provide many opportunities? seems much less than NYC, DC or CA.

In Chicago, DePaul has a great reputation and is well known by the partners at most firms. If IIT Chicago Kent was within $5,000 or so for total cost, I would have selected Kent, but for me the difference was substantial as Kent would not compete with DePaul to get I went with DePaul over Kent. Almost every school you talk to will tell you they have graduates in NY, Chicago, DC, etc., but do your homework and you will find that unless a school is located in that region, or unless it is a national school (top 10-ish) each school will primarily place regionally.  For example, cincinnati was the highest ranked school I got into, but I chose DePaul because Chicago poses so many more opportunities for me and I felt more comfortable at DePaul than Cincinnati. I spent a great deal of time researching schools. I will be offering my materials and the results of my research to anyone who wants it. Just PM me and I will tell you how to get it.

Choosing the Right Law School / DePaul Bound! Anyone else?
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:51:43 PM »
Well, after a lot of deliberating and massive headaches, I finally made a selection - I chose DePaul because of the prospects in Chicago, strength of program, and strength of legal writing over Cincinnati.

If you are heading to DePaul this fall, please join the discussion and share your thoughts.

I got accepted to both for the full time program. I did not like Loyola much when I visited. Personally, I think DePaul is a better option. They are very well known in Chicago since they are among the oldest of Chicago law schools. Between faculty and student environment, plus the benefit of saving an additional 4K, I would recommend DePaul. Definitely talk to alumni from each school in the field you wish to pursue. I have done that extensively and feel I am making my selection with the most information I could get. Cheers!

I'm curious...what is more important to you when selecting a law school?
Employment at graduation
bar passage

Please specify your year and if a 3L or grad, please state if you got your job at graduation.

For me, (0L) I think the bar passage is least important of these three (still an important consideration), and I would put Employment at Graduation first because, although debt is common for us all, a reasonable job makes that debt manageable.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Ohio State U Moritz Law
« on: March 24, 2009, 12:54:08 PM »
I visited there in October for their open house. I liked it. They are hands down the best law school in the state. Among my top choices IF I get accepted. I got a letter not long ago saying that the admit com wants to further review my application...whatever. At least it was not a rejection. Right now I am debating between Cincinnati and DePaul, but if OSU accepts me, that's where I'll be. (as if they are reading this!)

Choosing the Right Law School / best way to research firms and alumni
« on: March 24, 2009, 10:34:18 AM »
Other than Martindale searches, or going to firm websites, is there any other source that lists attorneys by the law schools they went to and the firms they are at?

Just from reading these posts, it sounds to me that you are trying to justify spending the money going to depaul. Maybe it is your subconscious telling you to go there.

If you were completely neutral, go to cinci, network beginning 1L, find internships that will give you the advanced training that you think you'd get at depaul. Maybe find a mentor in IP around cinci early on.

It could be, but I try to rely on the facts:
DePaul has a much stronger IP program which includes more advanced coursework, IP legal writing, IP externship opportunities, IP events (networking), IP Alumni, a higher employment at graduation, and an aesthetically pleasing atmoshphere. The downsides are cost (it will be $15,000 more per year with $25,000 in Grad Plus loans), and, since my wife and I abhor the old apartments in the city, would mean that we live in the suburbs and I commute every day by train. It's not too bad, but students who do it tell me that it becomes tiresome very quickly.

Cincinnati has a simpler living environment, quick and easy access to school. The main advantage is the cost (only $29,000/yr of which $8,500 would be on Grad Plus loans), and minimal competition. There are several IP firms in the area and since there are relatively fewer IP students, externship opportunities are all but a given. The atmosphere is more intimate all around. However, the environment is not so pleasing as it is very near a bad part of town.

In truth, DePaul feels like the better choice, but in a worse case scenario of not finding employment upon graduation, Cinci is the better option due to low debt, less competition for jobs, albeit a lesser number of jobs to begin with.

Based on the faculty I have interacted with at both schools, I find those at DePaul more supportive and helpful than those at Cincinnati. The students at DePaul were also much more enthusiastic about what they were doing. At Cincinnati, many of the students seemed downright miserable.

I would agree that I am leaning towards DePaul, but no, I am not trying to justify the additional cost. Six months ago, I would have thought debating between Cincinnati and DePaul to be easy, Cincinnati wins. But, the employment climates in both areas combined with the debt factor make this tough. It would be helpful if someone could point out something that I have not taken into account.


Why would you base it on four know I am talking full time....hmmm...wonder if this is more of his ploy to convince me not to go to DePaul. 

Naaa, this is a classic case where you shouldn't attribute malice where stupidity suffices.

I was hoping DePaul would improve their offer of admission, but they said no. So, either I go to a bigger, better, and much more expensive legal market of Chicago or to a smaller and more affordable Cincinnati.

Go to the school. Visit it. Talk to the administration. Meet with a professor. Talk to the students. Compare the fields of law you're interested in, and see how many of their grads go into those can find this info by looking up stats, talking to alum, talking to the career services office, etc.

Do this, and you'll know if you're "comfortable" with that school.
I have done all of this. The faculty seem more engaging at Cinci, the students are happier at DePaul, the aesthetics of the law school are better at DePaul, the employment at graduation is better at DePaul, the overall employment is better at Cinci, the IP prospects are better at DePaul, the likelihood of IP employment is better at Cinci, career services is about the same at both, and the collaborative nature is better at Cinci. While DePaul would have more networking opportunities, I likely would not have enough time to utilize all of them - so the the nuber of networking events I could attend are likely to be similar (based on what IP students at both schools tell me). The edge in quality of event might go to DePaul, but there will be more IP students from the other schools there too. It seems that the strengths/weaknesses for each balance the other out and I ought to just flip a coin!

The one thing that is consistent is that alumni from each school, hiring partners at firms, and practicing IP attys not associated with either school all say to put more emphasis on where you want to work - okay, but how to decide that? I have been to both cities several times, and either would be fine. I would be less happy with the quality of apartment in the city of Chicago, but would enjoy the quick commute to school. I would enjoy the quality of apartment in the suburbs of Chicago, but would have a costly (time and money) commute. There is an apartment complex in Cinci that is sufficient and has a free bus to school. UC law school is located at the edge of campus which is not a good neighborhood, but DePaul is in downtown Chicago which is not much better.

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