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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Loyola v. Chicago-Kent ($)
« on: May 06, 2009, 06:38:27 PM »
I did a lot of research to find out how to make the law school selection, and one of the key points was to consider debt. Between Kent and Loyola, I vote 1,000% for Kent. Excellent legal writing program, more accomplished faculty in my opinion, and better overall placement. Definitely go visit if you have not done so already! Though, I think DePaul would be a better choice for you (I think they are best for public interest)

I read that 35 Chicago Kent alumni were admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar on April 6. 35 from a non-top 20 school seems impressive. I have been told by another school that it only takes admission to the State Supreme Court to qualify one for U.S. SC Bar admission, but I am wondering if this little tidbit is informative in some way.

I found something out about Kent when I was considering this offer. Oh, before that, let me mention that Kent really made it attractive by reducing the seat deposit from 750 to 100! Anyway, when I was checking on financial aid, I learned that they are not a Direct loans school. THat means that the grad plus loan will be at 8.5% not 7.9% and that if DL makes the gradplus loan the same terms as the other direct loans (6 months grace from graduation not 60 days from last disbursement while in school), the grad plus loan through Kent is going to be much more costly!  I wanted to share this with you in case some are still considering and did not realize it (like me).

So DePaul is still my front runner with Cincinnati as a backup.

For me this would be an easy choice - Cincinnati.

I got accepted to both as well, and with scholarships. I chose DePaul over them because of the strong LW program and my IP interest. But, Cincinnati is easily my second choice. Great school, exceptional faculty, good group of students, close knit, good sized university overall. I am not a fan of the Cincinnati area, but you would become accustomed to it. I realize one advantage to IU Indy is that it is in the state capitol, and if you seek public office, it might be a good match. But, I think Cincy will provide what you need to excel. I feel like they try to minimize competition by making the gpa requirement on the scholarship so low. Having written this...maybe I will change my mind and go to Cincy afterall...(kidding - I place a high priority on legal writing).

I got the same email, and the letter confirming it came in today.

For weeks, I wasn't sure what to do. It came down to DePaul's scholarship and total out of pocket costs were the better offer, but this... this is an offer that I cannot refuse.
 I don't know. I mean in the absolute worse case scenario, I get only 15K for first year at DePaul or only 10K for first year at Kent (this is assuming I can not make the minimum GPA at either school). But, if I am betweeen 3.0 and 3.25 at Kent, then I get 5K, and if I would have been under 3.3 at DePaul, then for the first two years, the costs equal. The main benefit would come if I am able to earn at least a 3.3 at DePaul.

  My other problem is that the DePaul admissions office, financial aid, and career services have been less than accomodating in answering my questions. Some things they don't want to tell me, and others I have to ask several times to get an answer. Statistically, DePaul has had a higher employment at graduation, but Kent has had better salary numbers. For IP they are both good, with DePaul probably having a better overall reputation in the field. I'm still stuck...not sure what to do.

It is definitely nice to know that a school wants you. I got an email from Kent today offering me a scholarship. I am not sure though if this is really a good thing. I mean obviously a scholarship is, but it is the $10K with 3.25 vs. 6K guaranteed that others have mentioned. I have 15K with a 3.3 at maybe Kent is the better gamble overall. I should at least be able to earn a 3.0 at which they will renew half the scholarship. So I would have gotten 10K first year, and 5K each of the next two years. Though Kent dropped in the rankings this year, they are still considered "better" in stature than DePaul. So now I am back to the question I (and others) asked months ago...Kent with 10K/3.25 or DePaul with 15K/3.3?  Any thoughts would be very helpful!!

Has anyone gone from part-time to full time at Kent, or heard of anyone who did that? Could you describe that process?

Will the school help in finding work, or something like an internship?

I'm concerned that the part-time program is meant for older students, or those who work and go to school at the same time. Is the summer after 1L lost?

I really don't think Kent is as strong as it is being made out. I dropped in the rankings, along with Loyola. So outside the top ten, the only Chicago school to hold, or actually improve in rank is DePaul. 10 spots in the bottom 100 is pretty much meaningless.  So all three (DePaul, Kent, Loyola) are considered equal - which is what others in this forum have said. It just really comes down to where you feel the most comfortable. Anyway, in regards to your question, in many PT programs, including Kent, you can switch from PT to FT after the first year. Since summer 1L jobs are a rarity, you would probably be in a very good position. The main drawback is when you seek jobs upon graduation, many firms look down on the part time student, but if you participate in other activities, get good grades, and demonstrate your potential, the fact that you went PT will not be a major factor. That's my opinion after having spoken with many alumni and hiring partners at law firms. Best of luck.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Really tough decision.
« on: April 17, 2009, 08:09:09 AM »
Although I wish I had the options you have, I was debating between Cincinnati and DePaul. I contacted alumni and current students as well as practicing attorneys in IP. I realized that rank in the top 20 is important, but outside that, where you want to live/work becomes more a priority. Cost/debt is also a major factor. Between my two choices, I chose the more costly school because I feel the program is actually much stronger than Cincinnati. You have to decide what is important to you and then assess those schools based on that criteria. For me, legal writing is important, and DePaul has a much stronger LW program than Cincinnati. (I was also comparing DePaul to Kent, but DePaul was at least $15,000/yr cheaper with the scholarship)

Of your schools, Brooklyn has a very good reputation as does Cardozo. I imagine Brooklyn might be cheaper and if that difference is significant, and if you want to work in NY, then that's a good choice. Otherwise, I imagine GW is a better option (if you want to do public service in politics).

Good luck!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Villanova vs. Hofstra($$$)
« on: April 14, 2009, 12:21:32 PM »
He still has to go through law school and perform well. If he goes to Hofstra and is simply miserable, as many Hofstra students have indicated they are, then his future prospects will be bleak. However, one of the most common comments I got was to consider where you want to work and live. So if he knows he wants to work in NY over anywhere in the PA area, then certainly Hofstra gives him the best option for that market. If he wants the best law school experience knowing that he would likely begin the first part of his career in the PA area, then Villanova would be the better option. Certainly the employment issue is bleak presently, but in three years, hopefully the climate will have improved enough. However, nothing is more important than first year grades, so ultimately he should choose the school where he feels the most comfortable. Best of luck however you choose!

Current Law Students / Re: laptops
« on: April 13, 2009, 04:26:29 PM »
Rather than starting a new thread, I wanted to ask here, if anyone has an opinion on pc vs. mac for law school...I doubt it would matter. I am curious if the typing on a macbook makes a difference? And, for those using pc laptops, anyone care to comment about favorites (in terms of reliability or keyboard)?

Are you a mac or pc person?  I would check with your school.  At mine, macs can't run our exam software unless they are running Windows for macs or whatever it's called.  The mac users have to partition their hard drives and install it.  Seems like a pain in the butt to me, but if you swear by a mac it might be worth it for you, I guess.

I think the most important thing is to get a LIGHT computer.  Casebooks are freakin' heavy and you'll have enough weight on your back in addition to whatever laptop/notebook you are toting.  Buy a VERY light computer.  You will thank me.

That's the same thing my wife keeps telling me! But, most light laptops seem like fragile pieces of plastic. I missed out on Dell's 1330 at a great price, so now I have to wait. I am leaning away from macbook, but still might get that since I think it will be more reliable than the others.

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