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Current Law Students / anyone had these three professors?
« on: July 06, 2009, 03:27:02 PM »
David Rudstein for Criminal Law
Cesar Rosado Marzan for Contracts
Chris Buccafusco for Torts

I seriously thought I was done with this. I was set on DePaul, eventhough at the start of the process I would have jumped at the chance to go to Kent. But, eventhough Kent is giving me $15,000 now for the first year and a max of $10K for each of the second and third years, I am still torn. Eventhough the IP program at Kent is very highly ranked, I don't think that is very meaningful (but maybe it will be in three years). DePaul's $15,000 requires a 3.3 GPA (usually top 33% of class) which is about the same as what I would need to keep the $10,000 at Kent for the 2 and 3L years. DePaul has consistently reported employment at graduation in the mid to upper 80%, whereas Kent is usually about 10-15% lower. I get the sense that the IP program at DePaul is better (though it is ranked around 15) and more supportive than Kent. The average salary is about the same at both schools, but it seems the median at Kent is a little higher. I know this debate has been raised ad nauseum, but informed and experienced opinions would be most appreciated.


I read that 35 Chicago Kent alumni were admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar on April 6. 35 from a non-top 20 school seems impressive. I have been told by another school that it only takes admission to the State Supreme Court to qualify one for U.S. SC Bar admission, but I am wondering if this little tidbit is informative in some way.

It is definitely nice to know that a school wants you. I got an email from Kent today offering me a scholarship. I am not sure though if this is really a good thing. I mean obviously a scholarship is, but it is the $10K with 3.25 vs. 6K guaranteed that others have mentioned. I have 15K with a 3.3 at maybe Kent is the better gamble overall. I should at least be able to earn a 3.0 at which they will renew half the scholarship. So I would have gotten 10K first year, and 5K each of the next two years. Though Kent dropped in the rankings this year, they are still considered "better" in stature than DePaul. So now I am back to the question I (and others) asked months ago...Kent with 10K/3.25 or DePaul with 15K/3.3?  Any thoughts would be very helpful!!

Choosing the Right Law School / DePaul Bound! Anyone else?
« on: April 01, 2009, 03:51:43 PM »
Well, after a lot of deliberating and massive headaches, I finally made a selection - I chose DePaul because of the prospects in Chicago, strength of program, and strength of legal writing over Cincinnati.

If you are heading to DePaul this fall, please join the discussion and share your thoughts.

I'm curious...what is more important to you when selecting a law school?
Employment at graduation
bar passage

Please specify your year and if a 3L or grad, please state if you got your job at graduation.

For me, (0L) I think the bar passage is least important of these three (still an important consideration), and I would put Employment at Graduation first because, although debt is common for us all, a reasonable job makes that debt manageable.

Choosing the Right Law School / best way to research firms and alumni
« on: March 24, 2009, 10:34:18 AM »
Other than Martindale searches, or going to firm websites, is there any other source that lists attorneys by the law schools they went to and the firms they are at?

I have heard this from many current students and alumni - go where you feel the most comfortable. Now, there are definitely multiple factors involved in the law school selection, but how the heck do you determine "comfortability" even during a visit? What would be some characteristics of feeling "comfortable"?

It seems my decision is coming down to where I want to work. The best ranked and most economical choice for me is Cincinnati, but DePaul has a much better IP program and better networking environment. In the end it may cost me $15,000 more per year to go to DePaul. With Cinci, I would have at least $45,000 less debt after three years, a good job prospect in the Cinci area, and reasonable salary, but with DePaul I would have at least $45,000 more debt, better IP training, better networking to help me get a job in a good legal market, and hopefully a reasonable salary. If we assume I am comfortable in either city for school and then work, is debt the only factor? How can I know if I would like working in Chicago better than Cincinnati?

I was notified recently that I got into Chicago Kent. Since it is late in the cycle, I doubt I will get a scholarship. Assuming I don't, is Kent worth full price compared to DePaul with a 15K/yr scholarship. The GPA requirement is 3.3

I visited both schools and I feel that Kent has more to offer the IP student, like me, but employment research indicates that both programs place relatively equal numbers of grads into IP firms. I think it will be a little tougher for me to get ranked higher in the class at Kent than at DePaul (not that I won't have to work my ass off either way).

One nice thing about Kent too is that if I want to live farther outside the city, I can take the Metrarail commuter everyday and they are right next door to union station. At this point I am grabbing at whatever differences I can find. Ranking does not seem to play much of a role here. Even a big firm like Jones Day took practically the same from each school over the last five years (which is like 2 per year!) Although I feel like I would enjoy law school more at Kent, I can't ignore the additional 15K->45K in Kent worth 45K more than DePaul?

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