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Cleveland State / CSU or Akron?
« on: February 25, 2009, 01:02:48 PM »
Hello out there,

I need some advice.

 have a tough decision to make and I would like opinions. I was admitted to CSU part-time and Akron Part-time. First of all, Akron offered me a scholarship for $6,000 that would be good for the first year. (I doubt I would have it for years 2, 3, 4 due to a very tough GPA standard, and a very steep grading curve there. Plus I am getting married next summer so my financial aid status will change)  CSU is not offering me any scholarship and is not going to despite my offer from Akron (I checked). In the end I will roughly be paying approx. $10,000 more to go to CSU after 4 years than Akron assuming I lose the scholarship.


I save by going to CSU in terms of commute (time and gas), possible move to a point between Akron, and Cleveland. I have gone to both schools and like them both individually but I admit I lean towards CSU. CSU is a bit more accessible in terms of location, and activities available to the part-time students. I can also start taking day classes or totally switch to the full-time program (if I wanted to) after the first year.


Is it worth the extra money or am I thinking about this all wrong? Please help…I hate making decisions like this!!



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