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did u get a scholarship from Chapman? If not (or not a huge one), definitely go to loyola.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Cigarettes at the LSAT?
« on: June 19, 2009, 07:46:34 PM »
half of my LSAT class brouhgt ciggs and lighters in their plastic bag. They were not strict at all at my site

I am taking it now. i think its pretty good, it gives you a lot of examples to work on which are like the exams you'll get in law school. I mean, it comes down to how much $1300 means for you. It helps by exposing you to the materials before you need to study for them in school. So when you read your casebooks the first few weeks, you know what you are looking for and you are not just book briefing everything. I think it help saves time and stress from studying. But the $1300 probably won't really help you get a better grade than you could without going through law preview.

the fall in rankings and reputation is exactly why i want to attend Pepperdine more. I am just not sure if the costs are worth it. Anyone know anything about job prospects in both schools?

Heck no!!! Loyola is an awesome school with a great alumni network and except for a couple programs (Int'l Law) many believe Pepperdine trumps Loyola.  No, definately not worth it, GO TO LOYOLA!!

Sorry can you clarify what you mean by trumping loyola? I am exactly planning to go into international law, thats why your comment makes a lot of difference! Thanks. please tell me a little more about it if you can. thankuu

As I looked into housing arrangements in malibu, I recognized how ridiculously expensive it was. If I go to Loyola, I could live at home. If I go to Pepperdine, I am looking at an additional $16000 including utilities and everything per year. Although Pepperdine did offer more $4000 more than Loyola, I would still be paying $12000 more per year. Is it worth it to chose to go to pepperdine over loyola?

Choosing the Right Law School / weird results
« on: May 10, 2009, 12:55:56 AM »
This doesnt really matter, but i am just curious. I got accepted with scholarship at loyola, pepperdine, UNLV, USD. I got a reply from southwestern today saying i am waitlisted. Isnt this weird? are they not offering me a place because they knew i probably wouldnt attend?

i vote USF, chapman, southwestern.

I'd go with Pepperdine.  They have a robust ADR program, including this awesome ADR in Hong Kong study tour-
You might want to network with whomever sets that program up.

thx =) Yea I heard about that. I am originally from Hong Kong and I speak cantonese and mandarin. Thats why I thought it would place me at a competitive advantage if I work on international ADR between US and China.

I am pretty determined to do international law. I am looking to do some kind of international private sector work, dealing with commercial disputes or corporate law (contracts, merger... that kind of stuff),between China and the States. So here are my choices, Pepperdine with a focus in dispute resolution, loyola with a focus in trial advocacy, or UNLV with a more general international law focus. Does anyone know how international commercial disputes are solved? where do they usually try a case if an american company dues a chinese firm for breach of contract? I am a newbie on this subject, so any input is greatly appreciated!

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