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Oh yeah, the PD was there immediately.  There was definitely a stabbing though.  At about the same time that we realized there had been a stabbing, the cops showed up.  I doubt they took more than 2 minutes to respond.  The freakiest part was honestly hearing the cop banging on the door next door to retrieve the perp.  I don't think anyone was terribly hurt, I heard the victim talking to the cops pretty coherently so I doubt it was much more than a surface wound.  I'm fairly certain this is a highly isolated incident in my neighborhood, but it was pretty scary at the time.  People are nuts.

Last night, my neighbors decided to settle a domestic dispute with a glass bottle and a knife.  I'm fairly certain that even though they live two houses over, this happened on my stoop and I was lucky enough to wake up to lots of shouting and cop cars.  So much for brotherly love... :-\

I recommend the slanket, it's made out of nicer material, not that cheap fleece-y stuff the snuggie uses.  I've only washed it a few times, but it's lasted pretty well.

Thanks for the congrats guys.

I do own a slanket.  Don't knock it until you've tried it.

hah.  Is everyone busy moving back and stuff?

I moved last week.  As of yesterday, I became an official law student.  let the games begin!

So, serious thought of the day... is it a waste of a T14 education to aspire to be a "small-town" (okay, small city) property lawyer?  To want to hang out a shingle post-bar?

I think it depends on why you went to that school.  If you did it because your primary motivator a big law job, maybe it was a bit of a waste.  But if you went for other reasons too, I think it starts to become less of a waste.  If you have a good experience and gain the knowledge, insight, or whatever else it was that you hoped to get out of the school, it isn't a waste.

PS- my friend was supposed to start at her firm in January.  Yesterday they called to tell her she was starting in October.  I thought some people might enjoy that bit of happy legal market news :)

I was going to do a couple job fairs (one near MA) but decided against it. There are a few firms I like at our OCI so I will try for them. I also am going to a couple of dinners that will be excellent networking opportunities ( no other law students but lots and lots of lawyers in the field I want to go into)

I really hate job fairs, I never do well at those things.  I admit that my knowledge is based on perception, but I would tend to think that in spite of everything networking can be much more effective than OCI if you meet the right people.

Good luck to everyone bidding/OCIing/job searching in general, I hope you all find what you're looking for!

"this pizza is made of win!"

I just threw up in my mouth a little.  That's really how they talk??

Yes.  It's cute when you're posting on message boards and you say things like "FTW!" but really not so cute when you are literally saying that during dinner with friends.  She has actually referred to Georgetown as "GeorgeTTTtown" in a sentence that she said out loud.  I blame TLS for stealing my friend's brain!

One of my friends became pretty active on TLS.  She literally talks like the way people post now (ie. "this pizza is made of win!").  It's gross and just makes me want to shake her and explain that she's highly intelligent and going to law school, and if she doesn't stop talking like that her classmates/eventual coworkers will hate her.

Sorry I didn't catch on.  I deleted the comment, congrats again :)

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