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CONGRATS REV thats awesome, I am hoping to get the same good news!!!!!!!!!

rejected at Buffalo that makes 3 decisions today

DINGS at Buffalo and WVU (2 of my 3 top choices) and a waitlist at NESL

Choosing the Right Law School / Tulsa vs Touro vs FCSL
« on: March 06, 2006, 10:21:30 AM »
So far these are the only schools that I have been accepted too.  I am having a very hard time deciding on which school is right for me.  So far I think I am leading towards Tulsa.  From what I have heard it seems that it has the best reputation.  I am from Pittsburgh so none of these schools are very close to my home. 

I have heard negative things about FCSL about grading and the fact that they are a relatively new school.  But, I have also read things about their sports law placement, and high bar passage rate.  Touro is the closest school to me and is in a great state, however their tuition is very high and they are outshadowed by many schools in the surrounding cities and region.  So I am not sure how I feel about them, because so far I will be paying full tuition at all schools because I have not been offered any scholarships. 

The main reason I am asking for input on these schools is becuase I would like to visit one of the schools before I make my final decision.  I am leaning towards visiting Tulsa.  since it seems to be my top choice.  I am just afraid that I am overlooking brightspots at the other schools and not thinking about my decision.  I know I would like to live in florida over oklahoma, but I am still clinging to the hope that I will be able to work in PA with a Tulsa degree, there are some very successful young attorneys inthe area with Tulsa degrees. 

Sorry for the messy post, as you can tell I do not have alot to go on about any of these schools any help, that you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.  ???

well, my mom just called me and said i was waitlisted at New England School of Law, I guess it is not as bad as a rejection but still not that great!

well after not hearing anything at all last week, i checked my online status checker to see that I was DINGed at WVU.  It kinda sucks cause they were one of my top choices.  well things can only get better now.  GOOD Luck everyone on your apps!  It looks like I am going to need a miracle from Buffalo or Penn State now  :-[

Well I got my Albany pin today! thanks alot, now just let me off the waitlist and I will be more happy.  but they were sure to remind me how great their school was in the short little note.  Other than that I havent heard anything all week.  Those deadlines are coming up, I hope WVU, Buffalo, or Penn State helps me out.   GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, and CONGRATS to everyone who had good news ;)

i am going crazy too.   I really want to hear from schools but i think that the longer it takes the better your chances if you are not an auto-admit.  I have been complete at some schools for 3 or 4 months, so I dont know what the hang up is.  I guess some schools are hoping for stronger apps or something, but like jashdey said i dont mind being the backup.  :P  ;)

Have you asked the schools if they would give you any $ for travel vouchers? A few schools offered me as much as $200 to come see them, others I had to ask if it was available.

Yeah, I will have to get in contact with those schools and see if they offer any of these vouchers.  Also, does anyone know where most of the students live that attend FCSL.  I am looking at maps and I can't tell. I remember someone saying something about this before, but I can't find the post.  Thanks.  And one last thing if anyone is thinking of attending the admitted students day at Tulsa let me know!  It is on APril 1st.

What is everyone doing about visiting schools that they must fly and go visit.  So far all of the school I have been accepted to are 18 hours driving from me.  So I will need to fly however it looks like just to visit both of these schools it is going to cost about $1,000.  Any suggestions?????  I am thinking of visiting Tulsa and FCSL, I live in Pittsburgh, PA.  Not sure what to do.  The seat deposit deadlines are coming up though and I want to see these schools before I put a seat deposit down.  All of my top choices have yet to get back to me, so I am starting to get worried.

Black Law Students / Re: Would you play Devil's Advocate?
« on: February 21, 2006, 07:59:51 AM »
I would do it in a second!!!!!

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