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Congrats everyone!!! it sounds like there has been alot of good news.

However, I have some more bad news for me DING DING DING at Baltimore.  Hmmmm I think that I might be having the worst cycle out of anyone.   Well good luck everyone in the next couple weeks.  I know I am sure going to need it  :-\

Mathies and LawSchool,

Thanks for the advice.  I took it and got an appointment on monday morning to meet with some people and tour the school.  So hopefully I will be able to work everything out and attend there this upcoming fall.  I really do appreciate all of the help.  Hopefully I will see ya LawSchoolHopeful this fall.  I should have visited months ago, but i guess now is better than never

I have a question for everyone about what I should do. 

I have applied to Duquesne in November but I haven't heard back from them yet.  I have a few acceptances but Duquesne remains my number one choice.  I wanted to call and ask them if I can be considered for the part-time day program if I am not accepted into the full time program.  I wanted to explain to them that they were my top choice for law school, that I would be willing to go their part-time if that was my only option.  I also have taken paralegal classes there and received A's so I am hoping that they consider all of these factors.  I am from Pittsburgh, went to a good undergrad in the area but am getting very nervous about my decision there. 

What do you think I should do?  Wait it out and ask only if I get dinged? or should I ask before I get dinged so they know how interested I am in the school?  I am just worried that if I ask before they make a decisison that they will no longer really consider me for the full time program since my numbers are around the 25% mark for Duquesne.  THANX in advance for any suggestions because I am torn on what to do.

Rev, I hear ya!  I wish I could just get all my decisions in so I can finally figure out where I am going to go.  Cause in the back of my head I am always thinking well I haven't heard back from school (X) so maybe my decision isn't final yet.  They need to shorten the process, haha Good luck today everybody

CONGRATS FUTURE!!!  I am hoping to get in at Ohio Northern as well.  but i only have bad news on my end AGAIN!!! DING at New Mexico, it was expected so it wasn't a big deal. 

I agree with 2006, and the rest of the posts.  The firm I work for now in Pittsburgh has hired a few Duquesne grads, but hires mostly Pitt grads.  Duquesne has a great rep in the city.  Most people around here think Duquesne is better than Pitt.  I would say it is a very solid school especially if you want to work in Pittsburgh and can't get into Pitt.  However if I had my choice I would def go to Pitt over Duquesne.  I know about 10 or so people who go to Duquesne and haven't heard anyone say anything negative about the school.  I am not sure how many firms interview on campus, but I know that the largest firms in Pittsburgh interview on campus there.  Also the editor of the Law review at Duquesne is working for Reed, Smith after she graduates, and they are the top firm in the area.  HTH...also I am still waiting to hear from Duquesne and am definitly considering it

Congrats to everyone who got acceptances over the weekend.  I had received two more dings this weekend.  Penn State and Northern Illinois.  Hmmmmm, I think it is about time that I stop wanting mail haha.  Good luck this week everyone.  :)

I got rejected from North Dakota today.  Man this cycle is really starting to take its toll.   :-[

anyone out there know anything about the grading curves at the following schools:

Detroit Mercy
Northern Illinois
Arkansas(Little Rock)
Ohio Northern
Cleveland State

Any info on any of these schools would be greatly appreciated.  I havent been accepted to all of them, but I am considering all of them if they would accept me.  I am having a hard time researching the schools.  Anyone with some info thanks for the help.  If you know of any helpful websites that would be great to.  THANKS

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