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not that i was really interested in Hamline anymore but incase anyone here applied I was rejected today from the FT program.  well the streak continues. :-\

Still waiting, nothing this week at all.  but I havent got the mail yet today, and tomorrow is my bday! so maybe that will bring me some luck!   I NEED IT!

i thought that cleveland state, ohio northern, and arkansas (little rock) are pretty bad as well.


I have heard some great things about little rock.  I still havent heard from them, but I would love to go there.

As of right now I am headed to Tulsa, but would definitly go to Little Rock instead.  Best of luck on the pending apps.  Also good luck to everyone else. 

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haha, I get that alot on here.  yeah just a nickname from college.  I think alot of people think I am an army girl or something  ???

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« on: March 30, 2006, 06:59:12 AM »

PA has the first banana split.   :P


YUM that is where I am going to lunch now

Congrats everyone who got some good news recently.  I just had a quick question.  What do you guys think about not hearing anything back from schools that I applied to in November.  I have an average shot at most of them.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

i visited Duquesne this past monday.  I can say that I was not very impressed.  I live in Pittsburgh, and have taken Paralegal classes at Duquesne.  However, to me at least, the staff seems to be less than willing to answer questions.  Also, from what I have heard as I know about 15 to 20 current students and a few graduates, that the students there are not very friendly and think very highly of themselves.  However I do disagree with the previous posters comment about people in pittsburgh knowing that Pitt is a better law school.  That simply is not true.  If you talk to any person who is not a lawyer, you will instantly hear back that Duquesne is the best law school in Pittsburgh, some people do not even know that Pitt has a law school.  I am currently a messenger/paralegal for a law firm in Pittsburgh and most of the people who work in the county offices, who work with lawyers everyday even think Duquesne is a better school.  Now in the legal field I think they view Pitt as a higher school (As I work for a firm that has about 15 Pitt Grads and only one Duq. Grad)  They may be biased. 

Just realize that the top jobs in Pittsburgh are still given to Pitt grads, but Duquesne is very close behind in this area.  I believe that the largest lawfirm in the city just hired the EIC of the Duq law review. 

Both schools are equally prestigious in Pittsburgh.  SO if you go do Duquesne I dont think it will hinder your job opportunities any.  just my 2cents

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