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Ultimately you are right.  I feel like I did my best (except for the reading comp).  I do have A QUESTION FOR YOU.  was it difficult to transfer?  did you go from t4-t3 or t4_t2?  the only schools in texas (where i live) is smu (#56) and ut (14?), and u of h which is t2.

Thank you nealric and just some guy for the advice.  I have applied to South Texas as well.  I have not heard anything good about Texas Southern University...EVER.  Thanks for the fair warning.

It is highly likely that I will be attending either law school in fall 09.  I am a non traditional 30 something career changer. Before I make my decisions I have a few questions. 

1. Do most students get summer interns?
2. What firms generally recruit from there?
3. Would you suggest a person to apply/attend elsewhere?
4. Will you have a job directly after school, through recruitment or otherwise?

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