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Take the $$ and run.  WashU is king in St Louis and Chicago.  And cheap cost of living to boot.

I think all 3 schools are so good that choosing one or the other won't make a ton of difference.

I live in Columbia where Mizzou is located.  It is NOT country side.  It is country around the city, but the city itself has everything you need (food, shopping, culture, sports, parks, etc).  There is a lot of diversity in Columbia, including a lot of traveling physicians at the Hospital and a lot of foreign students attending Mizzou.  There are about 100k people.

Also, if you want a bigger city, Saint Louis (2.8 million people) and Kansas City (2 million people) are only 2 hours away.  It is also very cheap to live here compared to your other choices, so you would save $$.

I'd pick Mizzou!  And I won't blame you for missiles if you don't blame me for George Bush :-)

It is more of a curiousity... but more so immigration.

Is there any particular schools that are renowned for an emphasis in this subject?  Are there rankings for this by Us News?

I have read that there is really no such thing as a "Best Law School for ________" and that all schools pretty much have the same curriculum.  Is that true?

I understand the angst of dealing with unfriendly admission reps.  Keep in mind this is a stressful time for them just as it is for you, and these are people you will never come into contact with once you start school there... its the faculty that you need to be nice to you!

I would say Franklin Pierce.  I have a friend that is going there next year and was very impressed by her visit.  So much that she turned down offers from higher ranked schools like George Mason (PT), LSU, Louisville, and SLU.

PS - my Lsat is below their 25% and my gpa is right at their median.  It is a bit of a long shot.  Are you waiting anywhere else?  U of L deferred me as well, but them not returning hold decisions til May 1 = me losing my deposit elsewhere and feeling very frustrated.

Me too.  I called the admissions office on Friday and they said decisions were made on Thursday and the letter sent out Friday.  This means it should arrive today or tomorrow.

I am a little nervous about that, because UK in the past with deferred applications e-mails accepted applicants the day after review and sends let down letters through the mail.  So maybe since this is the final review, they didn't email anything and sent everything through the mail.  Or, I am thinking the Kentucky friendliness of the admissions rep was that she didn't want to turn anyone down over the phone!  Damn Kentucky and their manners.

I am not well versed on any of these schools, but from what I've heard niether of them have a particularly strong reputation.  While SIU preps you for the IL bar, I've heard it is near impossible to place in Chicago because stiff competition from UChicago, Depaul, WashU, and any other top school in the country.  What kind of law do you want to go into?   Based on the info here, I'd say cheaper is better.

Choosing the Right Law School / Waitlist at Kentucky
« on: March 27, 2009, 08:40:46 AM »
Anyone still on the waitlist at Kentucky?  They reviewed apps yesterday and I am patiently waiting!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UMKC vs Kentucky vs. U of L
« on: March 26, 2009, 07:15:43 AM »
For all 3 years.  Assuming that I receive in state rates in KY.

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