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I don't want to crush your dreams, I will let law school do that ;D

Long story short... I applied to UDC because I thought  I'd have a place to live for free.  That didn't happen, and I decided that I wasn't sold on the school enough to spend $1200 to live in a box.  I was really interested in their public service works though, a little weary though of some parts.

No love for tigers... waitlisted as well.  I'll ride the Kentucky ride for a little longer.

Haha oh lordy.  Sapphire, you seemed so nice in person. It's always the quiet ones you have to worry about!


Soulard is amazing.  Its very historic, safe, and has a great mardi gras festival in which you can sell your parking spaces for like $10 bucks an hour for a three day weekend!  Tower Grove, I love... very old and historic and many buildings have been renovated.  That being said, there are still falling down buildings and crime.  Same with Forest Park area.  I've lived there and never felt unsafe, but if you are from suburbia it could be a rude awakening.

Central West End is safe, clean, and upscale if you can afford it.

Stay away from Illinois or anything north (Hazelwood, Florissant, etc.)

Best place to live in STL is West of the city.  Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Brentwood, Ladue, Clayton, Rock Hill, parts of Maplewood.  Its more expensive and farther away though -- but again if you are from suburbia that is where you will probably be happiest.

Make it easy - stay at the Coronado.  It is across the street from the law school and is an old renovated hotel that looks amazing inside and is full of SLU students.

Good luck and enjoy Saint Louis for me!  I sided with the negativity of the post and decided it was too much money.

Ha, STL can be a scary place in parts but there is a large group of people that love the city fiercly.  If anyone is going there from out of state, PM me and I will tell you the good and bad parts to live.  It is cheap to live there, so thats always a plus!


...just kidding.  I am secretly in love but unable to run with the 34k non-scholarship tuition rates.  Nice meeting you at admitted weekend, and best of luck to you!  There was a lot of great students there.

Trev, I don't think you'd fit in at Kentucky anyways, they're pretty hospitable and friendly people.

If I got accepted, I would 95% chance attend.  I like Missouri, but truth is UK is by far the best feasable opportunity for me.  I've just heard horror stories of people NOT qualifying for in state rates after the first year, which would be tough to swallow.  Lucas, it sounds like you have an awesome opportunity at UK with the scholarship, so if I get in I will definately be riding your coat tails...ahem... I mean, forming a study group with you.

Thanks.  My LSAT was less than stellar, so any school like that is far from reach.  I am planning on attending a Tier 3 that I know has no specialization in the field.  I speak Spanish and am just looking at possible career paths utilizing that, so it is as broad as it gets now.  Just something to think about if I do decide to play the transfer game next year.  Thanks again!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: University of Kentucky or NKU
« on: March 31, 2009, 06:52:29 AM »
Definately UK.  No question!  NKU has trouble with placement in Kentucky because of Louisville and UK, and problems in Ohio because of Dayton and Cincinatti.  For a 4th tier, its in a tough location.

Yeah its stressful.  I hate that my mail comes so late!  Let me know how it goes.

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