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The point, though, is that in my has nothing to do with the qualifications of the applicants. Simply because there are vast more whites in the applicant pool than Blacks, it makes the chances than a Black applicant is selecteed for admission exceedingly small. Thus, in order for a qualified Black applicant to have a reasonable shot to get into a particular school under a race-blind system, the Black applicant would have to post scores that would far exceed the median - simply to stand out. So in fact, a race-blind admissions system pretty much consolidates power among the majority group at elite colleges and universities. I'll leave others to debate the desirability of such a regime on a micro and macro level. But that's what it does.

And the reason I posted my inquiry to Lindbergh, not that he would be able to pick up on this, is that in my hypo all you have to do is replace Black with Asian and that's exactly what's happening to many qualified Asians today. They are being pushed out of schools that they're reasonably qualified to be in and they have to be much better than the median applicant in order to be able to secure a spot in a particular school.

Of course, every individual has an equal chance to be admitted under a race-blind system. So, again, I'm not saying whether it is bad or good. What I'm saying is that its pretty clear and intuitive why a qualified minority might not like race blind admissions.

There's a couple of things about what you said that just doesn't quite flow. Yes its true that in your scenario, since there are vastly more white applicants than black applicants, a race blind system would yield an all white class and the odds of a black person is exceedingly small. But what you conclude doesn't really follow. You state that the black person would have to have scores way above the median to have a reasonable shot. In reality, the black person has the same reasonable shot as everyone else. Just because the end result is that statistically, black people will not end up in the class doesn't mean that the black applicants faces a harsher admissions standards. There are simply more white applicants. If you mix in 49 white jelly beans with 1 black jelly bean and pick 7 at random, odds are high that you pick 7 white jelly beans, but from the perspective of the individual jelly beans, your odds are the same. You don't need to do more to stand out.

As for the comment about replacing black with asian, you can't necessarily do that because the reality of the situation is that there are fewer black applicants in proportion to the general population, hence a URM boost, where as there are more asian applicants in proportion to the general population, hence ORM.

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