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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Seattle University or McGeorge?
« on: April 26, 2009, 06:08:09 PM »
So are you planning to go back to NY with your degree?  If so, I don't think either are a great fit.  Really it comes down to whether you want to practice in Washington or Sacramento.  Both schools don't travel all that well.

This is true. But if you stay on the west coast, go to Pacific, not SU. While it's a very good school from which to get your law education, it doesn't provide great jobs right out of school. SU's reach is basically a 20 block radius...literally! Put it this way, A Pacific grad can work in Cali and Seattle. An SU grad can only work in Seattle...downtown...a few blocks from the school...that's it, really. In the top-5% you may be able to move to Cali with a little luck. 

If you want to work in NY, you'd best go to a school in the east, unless you can get into Stanford, Berkeley (which would travel better than any other west schools). UCLA might get you there in entertainment law, but you'd still have to rely on career services and networking a lot. I do know of one associate from SU in a NY BigLaw firm...but that's like winning the lotto...probably knew somebody.

While I think that LawDog's high opinion of Tulane is slanted due to the fact that he's heading there in the fall, I agree with his basic point that Tulane is the better choice in this instance.  $45k in debt is still significant, but not unmanageable even if you don't end up working at a big firm.

Of course it's not just $45k; you have to factor in loans for other things.  But that would be the case at SJU as well.

I'm headed for Columbia, with $75K as opposed to a full scholy...which is why I am re-taking the LSAT. Also, if my zealousness for a school is a reliable clue to where I am going (as you seem to believe), UCLA, Chicago-Kent, Howard, and NU would be the more likely picks. I am much more of an "advocate" for those schools in discussions b/c people tend to underrate them. 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: How to deal with Gunners!
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:41:43 PM »
Tell them to go to LSD, TLS, MySpace, Facebook, or wherever else and get it out of their system...then maybe they can shut up in class. That's what I do; I am as quiet as a church mouse in classes, but I am very vocal online. 

I figured as much.

Oh...u got jokes! How did I know the dogs would come out...and that YOU would be the lead dog. I guess I left myself open for that one. But I get A's, so it works for me. lol.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: How to deal with Gunners!
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:12:12 PM »
Tell them to go to LSD, TLS, MySpace, Facebook, or wherever else and get it out of their system...then maybe they can shut up in class. That's what I do; I am as quiet as a church mouse in classes, but I am very vocal online. 

I want to thank everybody who contributed their thoughts. I finally came to a decision and sent my full seat deposit to Tulane. Thanks again.

Congrats! Tulane is a popular school this year...Wow! Why is everyone on Tulane? Actually, I know Tulane is all that, but it just seems that everywhere u look, there's somebody screaming "Tulane".

And Tulane is probably the best non-top-25 school in the country. Ok, one can argue Brooklyn, Cardozo and Temple...and maybe Miami or Hastings, but Tulane has a national reach. It places well in all of the big markets (NY, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, L.A., SF, and even Seattle), and compares well with some top-25 schools. 

i strongly object to this...

Reasonable "objections" are usually followed by a supporting argument. But I'll humor you anyways...

go to
 and look at the school description for Tulane.

Besides...who gives a FF WHAT you "object" to...especially when you don't back it up?

It doesn't matter if he doesn't back up his objection when nobody's keeping score.  ;)

And citing TLS for your assertion is sad.  Go back to saying that you read stuff in books by adcomms.

You're score kept...doesn't matter. lol. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tulane vs. Hastings
« on: April 26, 2009, 12:09:31 AM »
You def. made the right choice. Film, television, advertising, recording, media...different ballgame. Good Luck!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Tulane vs. Hastings
« on: April 25, 2009, 11:53:59 PM »
I already sent back my forms, and it's definitely Hastings, but yeah, I'm mostly interested in bioscience & healthcare-related IP law, which doesn't really seem to be Tulane's forte (Entertainment might be interesting, but Sports law sounds to me like watching paint dry).

The other thing is, of all the places you mentioned the Tulane name being recognized, New Orleans wasn't one of them, and I've found that to be truer than one would expect--New Orleans firms don't seem that interested Tulane grads, which would make me a little nervous about summer jobs & internships.  Also, NY, DC, & IL are great, but one of Tulane's biggest selling points for me was that I already live here, whereas going to Hastings would involve a major move.  So just putting off the move for three years(i.e. going to Tulane and having to move out of NO to find a decent job)?  Nah, not worth it. 

Also, after going to Tulane undergrad, I think a lot of that "national reputation" has more to do with the fact that many Tulane students were already from other parts of the country (e.g. the NE), and just went back to their home cities and got jobs through the same networks they would have, regardless of where they went to school--not because Tulane has a spectacular reputation.

Either way, it's a good school, and I had a lot of fun in New Orleans, but I think I'm ready for something a little different, and SF has been a lot of fun every time I've visited.  Stuff like the partnership with UCSF Med & the LAB Project are just more what I'm looking for in a law school.

Trust me, Tulane has a spactacular rep. New Orleans firms have had to really fight for Tulane grads over the years, to no avail. Thus, they understandably want to concentrate their efforts wisely. This happens in or out of market in a lot of places. How much effort do you think Nashville firms put into recruiting Vandy grads knowing most want to leave for IL, DC, NY or GA?

Many top national BigLaw firms once recruited at the University of Washington in Seattle, but they found in the 1990's that people loved Seattle and didn't want to leave, so they just slowed their recruiting there. Plus, Microsoft, Nintendo, Real Networks, Boeing,, and other corporations were actively stealing top IP recruits. Likewise with environmental law companies and agencies.

Many Tulane students go to New Orleans intending to leave after graduation, which contributes to its reputation in other markets.

So what you're seeing is a result of self-selection, not any disrespect for the quality of Tulane grads. Let's face it, after UVA, Duke, Vandy and Texas, Tulane is probably the best southern law school. Some might argue for Emory or Georgia, but Emory doesn't hold down Atlanta, which it should, b/c their grads are NOT leaving Georgia. And SMU, Florida, FL. St., UH, Baylor? Forget it.

Besides, most top law schools have recruits from cities all over the country, whereas regional schools do not so much. And that is one trait of a "national" school, as opposed to a "regional" one. The fact that Tulane can pull students from all over the country who go to other markets (post-graduation) and get good jobs, is a big indication of its rep. 

Go to Indiana. In this economy, choosing a T3 over a T1 is suicide.

Well, remember, some have made the exact opposite arg: that going to T1 or T2 w/o scholy over TTT w/scholarship is suicide.

I don't believe that to be generally true, so I agreeing with you, especially when the schools are IUB and Toledo. But if it was IUI or any T2 (with some notable exceptions), that argument could be made. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Seattle University or McGeorge?
« on: April 25, 2009, 11:19:44 PM »
if thats the case, how is it considered to be up to par with SU? Explanation would be appreciated! (Just want to make sure I have as much information as possible)

McGeorge is consistently ranked about the same as SU, if rankings are the question. If quality of education is the question, there are sites you can go to where the critiques are similar (namely Vault or Top Law Schools).

Both schools are about 75-100 caliber, regardless of what happens in an individual year. Don't take the rankings too literally b/c they are nothing more than musical chairs at the lower end. Just a couple of years ago, Southwestern looked like it was headed for top-100, then last year, it was a TTTT, now it's back in TTT. Musical chairs, my friend.

Any TTT can be considered top-100 or on par w/top 100, it just so happens that there can only be 100 schools in the top-100 in any given year.


If he/she graduated 2 years ago, how can their GPA be raised?

CLARIFICATION: I didn't realize OP was out of school, or did not keep it in mind as I typed my suggestion. But this does not change anything I said, so long as you don't take my GPA statement too literally.

The GPA can't, technically, be raised, but you CAN give schools some new grades with which to judge you by, and they CAN do their own calculations (not that hard to do). And I imagine some schools WILL do their own calculations if a student has done an extra year of "post-bacc" work.

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