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Look, you are in a "decent" position as of now b/c of your score. Nobody is denying that. But you could position yourself for at least a shot at everything below HYS. Right now, you look like a waitlist candidate b/c of the grades. You'll get into one or two of your choice schools, but not all. Splitters are splitters; top schools pick them for their rankings, which means you might wind up on a lot of top waitlists. 171 is fantastic, but 2.7 isn't impressive. Let's be honest, it screams, "Spiderman...brilliant but lazy."

I have a friend with a 2.9/171, who went to Duke, hence my suggestion of that extra year.

If you are willing to wait, an extra year of school with really high grades can make a world of difference, especially because of your score. High grades will validate the score. A year's worth of new grades (in tough courses) and a strong letter or two can make a world of difference. I suggest choosing from advanced levels of the following:

English (Shakespeare would be good b/c of the dense close-reading involved, plus there's usually some writing)
History (Greek and Roman History, U.S. Colonial, the Renniasance, or the Industrial Age maybe)
Classics (the Greeks again)
Calculus (or some mathematics theory course)
Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, etc (i.e., a "hard science")
Women's Studies (especially if you're male, adcoms will eat that up)

Try to take more than one course from the same prof, so he/she can write you a new letter. Just don't be a "gut hunter" (someone who takes easy courses) about it. If you get all A's, the adcoms will have to take notice of it. What are they going to do? They look stupid if they try to justify ignoring a recent record of strong performance.

And what these other people are saying makes no sense. Why would a new LSAT or LOR be useful while new grades have little relevance? It doesn't even make sense. Besides, what are you going to do? It's better than leaving your record "as is". it shows the adcoms you are determined, so the effort itself is as meaningful as the result of the effort. Use your common sense...don't waste that score.

Yeah...I can admit a mistake. That doesn't change my advice. OP is in a decent but unpredictable position regardless.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Why did GW drop so much?
« on: April 27, 2009, 08:37:27 PM »
I'm more curious about why GULC didn't fall out of the T14, given the inclusion of the part-time programs this year.

I wonder the same thing. I'll tell you seems to hurt the credibility of Morse and his rankings. Even if GULC PT had lower numbers, the system would be changed to suit USNWR's purposes. I think GULC's numbers had a lot to do with the direction the rankings took. At one time, they were "undecided", then, all of a sudden, they were willing to include them. It seems to me that once USNWR figured out that its precious T14 wouldn't be upset, they went with it and included PT in the calculations.

This is "elitist control"...maintaining the status quo. GULC cannot fall out of the T14...ever. UCLA, Vanderbilt and Texas should have reached that level at least once each, and Vandy or UCLA should be able to stay there.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: If LawDog3 Left LSD Today, would you...
« on: April 27, 2009, 02:11:55 PM »

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Time for "T18"?
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:48:53 PM »
My problem with the T14 designation is that it stands, for many people, for the difference between an economically viable option and a mistake. It misses a lot of nuance as a result, and I think this is evident by stupidly lumping GULC with Yale. In other words, the way people use it (and notice that people use it without knowing the origin, which is dumb [the origin] in itself), schools that actually make fiscal sense to attend are left out. The good thing is that by going to one of the T14 you're not going to be in bad shape. The other good thing is that some people might luck into a very good thing without even realizing it.

I think it'd be interesting to do a case study on how the term is used. Maybe I'll do that in my free time this summer.

Indeed, people treat it as an omnipotent consortium, whose standards are the benchmark for all other schools to follow. Yes, there are some things T14 schools provide that other schools should be providing. But almost every American law school is capable of providing students with an excellent education. And, dare I say it, there are many lower-ranked schools offering challenging and innovative programs not offered by the top-ranked schools. But, I digress. Your reasoning on "fiscal" considerations is also very good.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: How difficult can it really be... seriously?
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:34:43 PM »
Shut up, LawDog.

Why couldn't you write a law school exam, Alfalfa?  Nervousness?  Inability to spot issues?  I don't entirely believe you.

I am going to have so much fun creaming you arroggant phonies. Just like I did in are next.

See you in class or Moot Court.  ;)

This is funny because every time I see one of LawDog's posts my thoughts are, word for word: "What an arrogant phony!"


No you don't. I am the star of this site and you know it. And my posts are dead-on. I notice you always attack ME and not my arguments...b/c you can't. You need to listen and learn.

And there you go again...the gang. That's cowardly, really. All white people do is gang up on intelligent Black people in hopes that you will prove them inferior. And what bothers you about me is that you know you cannot shake me. That type of strength scares you b/c if YOU were in my situation, i.e., hated by many, you would have left a long time ago. You don't have the type of strength I have.

As for you and your...GANG? It's just like it always has been, you can't fight your own battles, or any battle where you are on even footing. COWARDS. Cannot fight in neutral territory, cannot fight one on one, cannot fight someone of equal size, and the White men cannot fight other Black men. I'm not talking about physical warfare, I'm talking about ALL warfare. You are so brave to co-sign with other critics. Oh...such a big toughie!  :(

I have never had any White man engage me one on one and on neutral territory. Never once in my entire life. You are quick to engage when you have numbers or are at some perceived advantage. And this site is not neutral; it's patronized mainly by white students.

Who wants to meet me in a live one on one debate, so we can find out who really knows what?

COWARDS! Weak...insecure...phony...sel f-entitled COWARDS.

I'm the new

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: New US News Rankings...
« on: April 27, 2009, 11:54:56 AM »
I do think employers pay more attention than some people think, but their scrutinization must be put into context. As one poster has asked (in a nutshell) below, "What are the given employer's purposes?" That would matter a lot. Secondly, #40-#60 might be considered the same "batch" of schools...but I think we can all agree that there's a difference between the top-10 schools and, say #30-#40, or #40-#60...mostly in terms of perception.

And a batch of #40-#60 will generally be perceived as "better" than most TTT, Wayne State, Howard, Syracuse and some others notwithstanding. That's going to affect recruiting, if only from the standpoint of OCI. The top schools have more resources, networks and long-held reputations for producing outstanding lawyers. It's not that other schools do not or cannot match up in terms of "substance", I believe the opposite, but, unfortunately, perception is reality. I wish we didn't have to look at rankings, but we do, to a certain point. If Seattle University could provide good employment, I would love to just go there.

If Chapman was good at getting people to BigLaw, I would go there or pretty much any California school. Ditto Howard and the other HBCU's. I was offered a full scholarship to go the Howard and turned it down b/c, despite its decent access to BigLaw (for the top-15%), its networks and a student body that would make me more comfortable than any in the country, I turned it down. With the top schools on my menu, I still agonized over the decision. But the top schools can provide BigLaw access for the top 60% of their students; that's a world of difference. In the Black community, you are pretty much aiming for T14 or Howard (ok top-25 or Howard for some). You consider the other schools in between on a case-by-case basis.

If the schools were treated equally by employers, we could pick according to what we really like. I suspect that most student choices would be different, and that's why the rankings are sad. I suspect that this is where the misery of many lawyers really begins, going to the wrong law school.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: How to deal with Gunners!
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:15:32 AM »
Thank you for ruining a thread with such intellectual promise with your self-promoting fecal refuse.

Check the record! I was attacked. I offered one genuine comment and got fact, I now see that I was being attacked before I even arrived.

Thank ME? You need to thank those terds who started on me. I have NEVER ruined a thread. The reason is that I do not provike fights. I may finish them, but I certasinly don't start them.

Like I the record.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: How to deal with Gunners!
« on: April 26, 2009, 10:59:43 PM »
But I find him entertaining.  :)

I do not care about being attacked, even under the veil of "entertainment". I am very secure. And some of my ideas do appear to be "out there", I realize that. But at least I can try on a new perspective and form my own thoughts. And those thoughts have sered me well, otherwise, I would not be nearly as accomplished as I am.

But, back to the topic, gunners do not realize that they are wasting money and time...their own as well as that of the other students and the profs. Every minute spent on a student's comments is a minute less of prof lecture. Even if just five minutes are wasted in a single class session, a 1L class can waste at least hundred$ of thou$and$ of dollar$ per year if not million$.   

I meant Cool Beans.  It's not always about you.

But I'm sure you're very accomplished and all that.  I'm sure you'll even learn modesty somewhere down the line.

It's not always about me? You wouldn't know it by the way you guys write about me. When i'm off doing other stuff, you guys write about me. When I sleep, you write about me. When I'm with my girlfriend, you are writing about me. You all know MY name, I couldn't tell any of you from each other, save for your avitars...and that's only when I am responding. I no nobody's name, but everybody knows MY name. That's a telltale sign of popularity, notoriety, whatever you want to call it. And, in today's world, there's little or no difference betwwen the terms. And you're always thinking about me, even when you eat...when you are being intimate with your very forgiving, undemanding mates, you are thinking of ME. Looks like it's ALL about me. You were writing about me before I even came to this thread. I must be damn good to occupy your thoughts like that. You people can't even function without me. The first thing you do every day is look to see what I have posted. If it was pure nonsense, you would have been bored to death long ago and shown it by not responding. But you cannot do that b/c I am just too strong and too provocative to resist.

I'm glad the village idiot feels validated by the tomatoes we're throwing at him.  :D

Hey, come on...can't knock the logic. It's the Hollywood Theory: If (A) they're talkin' aboutcha, followin' ya, callin' ya gay or smearin' ya...makin' fun of ya...makin' up rumors aboutcha...that mean's (B) ya matter

- Eddie Murphy

You can say it a million ways: "The only time they talk about you is if you necessarily matter" or "In order for them to talk about you, you must matter", etc.

And you know what the contropositive of that statement is:

If A then B = If NOT B then NOT A

So if you don't matter, they won't talk about you...

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