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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: AA and the LSAT
« on: April 30, 2009, 12:35:22 PM »
But all of that would turn legal education upside down.

Not a problem as far as I'm concerned.

So you're down with the Ride or die, huh? I love it.

I'm really unclear as to what this means, but sure.

Just when you means you have some rebel in you. Your a fighter. I like fighters, just not when they're fighting me. lol.

Wow...first off I never mentioned anything about AA.  I merely stated that you seem to have an attachment to one of the schools listed.  It seems odd to be so zealous when you don't have a dog in this fight nor care about $$.  And I don't know what you look like and, trust me, I couldnt care less.  The fact that your "looks" is your first line of defense only points to another insecurity.

Have fun at Tulane.  Your logic, however, clearly demonstrates that your LSAT is not strong enough to get into Tulane.  Sad for you.

I was joking...lighten up. Smile...ok. I'm sensitive. lol. Just like you're are joking, right?...I was being sarchastic. I'll "have fun at Tulane" if that's where I'm going. Tulane, that's in New York near Harlem, right?

For the record, my LSAT got me waitlisted at Yale and into five top-20 schools and counting. $till have to hear from Penn and a few other$. I think my "logical skills" are juuuuust fine. But I really was joking on the AA comment...all of it really.   

And don't pretend you haven't seen my fur. Look at my shiny coat. lol. I'm a zealot about pretty much anything I speak on. I would not be ashamed to go to Tulane. I was admitted there, but I ain't goin'. As fun as it sounds, I cannot pass up NY for NOLA. 

FAMU does have an 80% bar pass rate...they sit around and pass Snickers Bars 80% of the time, that's why they can't teach law. And they hire a DSA who can't even pass the Florida bar. 

Black Law Students / Re: White Applicants to Howard Law?
« on: April 30, 2009, 10:43:55 AM »
I know that technically schools cannot discriminate based on race, but do any of you Howard students or alumni know what the chances are that a "minority" like me will be given a fair shot at getting in?


This is a dumb question and since you have a 4.0 gpa then you KNOW that this is a dumb question. If you know that Law Schools can't discriminate based on race then why are you asking if Howard would discriminate against you because of your race?

That's "dumb-assed question". lol.

Black Law Students / Re: Former gang member...What are my chances?
« on: April 30, 2009, 10:41:08 AM »
2010 Graduate Poli Sci

URM - mom from sierra leone, west africa/ dad jamaican with portugese descent (never met father)
will be first college grad in family. 

3.0-3.1 GPA at graduation if I maintain current pace of straight A's. (Upward Trend-two straight years of all A's. 0.73 GPA after freshman year)

167 LSAT - Shooting for 171-172 on retake

Compelling Personal Statement and LOR's.  Former gang member/been stabbed in torsow/ scars to prove it. Not proud of it, just stating the facts.  Left gang and decided to attend college at 22 yrs. old after best friend was sentenced to 18 years in prison (fed time-no parole).  REALLY turned my life around

Started a youth mentorship program here in Atlanta....My Brother's Keeper which links underprivileged black males with black male college students.

I'm shooting for T-14. HYS and other top of the heap schools etc.

What are my chances?

There's a lot of shooting in this thread.


I'm not "mad" at you...dogs get ma...wait...I am a dog...ok...well...but...uh... lol. It takes a lot to get me mad...more than anyone on this site could possibly do to me. This stuff isn't "real". In the end, we log of and it's all a memory, except for the useful advice we get or give. The debates are just fodder for our study groups when we get to school.

Seriously, I do not get mad. I love to teach, and I love..."completing you" lol.

And as far a yale and my speculations about a cutoff, a lengthy record does give one much to extrapolate, in much the same way that past criminal behavior does not prove guilt, but indicates possible , even sometimes probable, guilt. As the saying goes, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. It's not the ONLY predictor, but the best predictor. Like LSAT and GPA, take together, are said to be reliable prodictors of first-year law performance. In many cases, it's true. In some cases, not so true.

Yale has a long history that supports my contention more than any other with regard to the issue. And, you obviously haven't read my posts thoroughly, b/c I clearly said that there are exceptions to all of these rules. It's just that, at Yale, those exceptions are very specific.

Finally, I have proof of everything I say. If we were all in a room and I pulled out my info, people would be laughing at you. I sit and look at this stuff when I am typing. I have grids from every school that uses them. I know which schools use indexes (like GWU and which do not (like Stanford). I know the curves at every top school. I know exactly what is required to make distinction at these schools. My research goes extremely deep and I doubt there are many applicants who have done as much of it.

You can disagree all you want, but truth is truth. You can't change that. Moreover, you offer nothing substantive to refute me with anyways.

Black Law Students / Re: Former gang member...What are my chances?
« on: April 30, 2009, 08:59:34 AM »
Any school you want...esp. the Ivy League...they love to admit people like you. check the record, it's true. There are many stories of former gang members or convicts getting their "second chances at life" through Harvard, Yale or Cornell Law.

Even schools like Michigan love to admit someone like that every year, especially if they are Black or other URM. It keeps up their image of promoting a pluralistic society...and they get their free pub through Ebony Magazine, 20/20, etc. 

Black Law Students / Re: The Howard Law/HBCU Law Schools Thread
« on: April 30, 2009, 12:00:54 AM »
I'm in a interesting situation here...I didnt think I'd get into any schools much less with scholarship Offers. I'm a West coast guy, Love to stay and work in SF...not sure what Field I'm in but I'd love to be gainfully employed coming out of this

so far I have offers

Howard: 20K (22k Tuition)
USF: 26K (37,230K Tuition)
Santa Clara: 18.5K (38,040 Tuition)

The most significant offer here is Howard but factoring in that I could pretty much live Rent Free at either CA school..Its tough to weight these options here..Anyone got any insight on what to do in this situation question. Almost full scholy, a better eduacation with better opportunities, and higher salaries. Plus which would you prefer? SF? or D.C.? SF is nice, but in D.C. you don't even need a car. And you're close to NY, Boston, Philly, Virginia, Baltimore...the others are pretty good, but Howard is better.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Columbia or Stanford
« on: April 29, 2009, 11:57:00 PM »
Lamborghini or Farrari? lol. ;D

Here are my points:

1) No, you cannot raise your GPA once it's in stone. And you cannot go from 2.7 to 3.0 in a reasonably short time. At the UW-Seattle, some people have figured out that they can wait to confer their degrees, re-take some courses, get A's and receive the averages between their grades and those A's as "final grades"; that can raise your GPA quickly. But, they are still in school.

2) You can give adcoms something else to look at by taking additional courses (some will be more lenient than others). They are not going to "ignore" your grades, but they will "look beyond them" if you give them a reason to.

3) Many schools have cutoffs, but they are not "formal"...At Yale, they will not tell you that they have a cutoff, but when have they admitted anyone with a GPA below 3.2 who wasn't a legacy, a URM, an Olympic athlete, a reformed convict with an extraordinary story, or from a foreign country with a wierd grading system, and/or didn't have an LSAT above 170? Probably not in a good long maybe ever. Every school claims that there is "no point on the GPA or LSAT scale below which an application will not be considered". They have to say that.

Even at 3.2, Yale might admit one or two at the most in a given year. And, believe me, those two people are in a unique situation. Like I said, daddy$ money, URM, etc, plus a great LSAT. Remember, we are talking Yale.

Now, at Duke, I know a guy (a White guy) who got in with a 2.9/170 last year. That's doable b/c Duke doesn't have a 3.2 cutoff. GWU and several other schools use an "index", which is just a fancy word (semantic) for "cutoff". At a certain GPA you will need a certain LSAT score to have a decent shot at getting in, that's what it means. But there are top schools that take students with GPA's below 3.0. They don't take many, but they will take a few. Soft factors and LOR's CAN help if they are very strong. Texas, GWU and some other top schools have taken 2.5 students...not many, but it happens.

And again, the further outside of a school's numbers you are, the more closely they will scrutinize your soft factors. The reason for this is that schools are looking for reasons to say "Yes" b/c they don't want to miss a hidden gem. And they want diversity, which comes in many forms. Legal education would duck if everyone was cut from the same mold. Soft factors ensure that the schools have diversity of ethnicities, experiences, etc.

On the flip-side, if you apply to Harvard with a 3.9/170, you will also be scrutinized b/c most of the applicants look like you on paper. So the schools have to find a way to differentiate you from other applicants whose numbers are just as stellar as yours. Does that not make sense? Thus, your essays will matter, your LOR's will matter, your extra-curriculars, work history, community service will matter. So, contrary to what most people on LSD and TLS will say, "soft factors" make a big difference. Otherwise, how do schools pick between several thousand students with similar stats? Admissions would not make sense otherwise.

Soft factors matter a lot, and so does additional course work. The top schools will pay as much or more attention to soft factors than will the so-called lower-tiered schools. Yale seems to have an informal, but hard, cutoff, while the other schools have "soft cutoffs", which just means that it will be rare, but not impossible (that's the distiction), for anyone with certain numbers to get in. 

Grade thresholds exist b/c everyone understands that different GPA's represent different "levels" of acheivement. As another poster also said, there's a big difference between 2.7 and 3.11. And people understand, that the 2.7 student is a B-/C+ student, whereas the 3.1 student is almost a B+. Big difference in the level of consistency, and in class rank and percentile. Most college students are C/C+ students, which people also don't seem to know. And at certain schools grades take on different meanings, but the thresholds still remain the same: 2.5, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 3.75 (which I forgot below), and 4.0. Everyone knows how they feel when their GPA reaches or crosses those marks, which makes it real.

Also, my response to bl825 is based on other responses I have received from bl825 in other posts. I wish people would refrain from calling people's remarks "flawed" without addressing the flaws. You did a good job of addressing an "apparent contradiction" and I have responded to it. But most of the time, people just reject what I say out-of-hand or attack me personally b/c they really cannot refute what I am saying.

I have hard evidence for the things I am saying. I get my info from experience, books, research, etc. But people want to say I don't know what I am talking about. Yet, when I quote chapter and verse, they have no response. They often have no evidence for their claims, and I have to call them on it. I don't pull anything out of my ass, that's the point. bl825 stalks me. That poster fights me constantly and seems to respond to everything I post. There are times when I love him/her, and times when I'm like..."Go somewhere!"

If you want to know where I get my info, I will be glad to tell you. I'll post it here b/c I have nothing to hide.

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