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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: New US News Rankings...
« on: April 20, 2009, 04:14:26 PM »

makes me wonder if i should stay on the waitlist...

any thoughts...?

2010 rankings are not going to matter when you graduate in 2012. They will move around between now and then, and its not going to change anything in the eyes of employers, no one is going to stop hiring from there nor starting hiring from there if they did not in the past. Individual resumes will get looked at, but its not going to make a class of resumes that were never conidered be considred now. Hiring partners don't sit around with a big marker cross checking with USNEWS each year to decide who's in and who's out, so don't sweat year to year moves unless the school drops a tier every year for the next three, that might single something to worry about.


Also, they're both nice college towns, but I think you and the wifey would have more fun taking weekend trips to Atlanta instead of Indy or Louisville imo. 

Weekend trips?


Just out of curiosity, how many law students are taking "weekend trips"?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: WTF Rankings
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:56:55 AM »
Just figured I'd make a thread where people can comment on who got pwned and what not in the leaked 2010 rankings...

My take:
IU-B = WTF?  I visited and it did not strike me as poised for a +13 rankings jump  :-\
GW = pwned

What say you?

Staff disorganization isn't a category in the USNWR. Either is your opinion.

Why would your visit give any indication of whether or not IU-B was going to jump? Oh, wait. It wouldn't.

The staff was really disorganized and IMHO it did not seem like a quality institution worthy of a ranking boost; if anything, it should have fallen  ::)

Staff disorganization isn't a factor in the USNWR. Either is your opinion.

It should have fallen? Why? Do you have anything to support this?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: WTF Rankings
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:46:04 AM »
Just figured I'd make a thread where people can comment on who got pwned and what not in the leaked 2010 rankings...

My take:
IU-B = WTF?  I visited and it did not strike me as poised for a +13 rankings jump  :-\
GW = pwned

What say you?

Why would your visit give any indication of whether or not IU-B was going to jump? Oh, wait. It wouldn't.

I don't see why telling it as it is makes me a jerk?  It seems to me that most folks on here just want to have smoke blown up their arses.


Current Law Students / Re: Character & Fitness Woes
« on: March 21, 2009, 07:47:21 PM »
Hello, all.  I'm a law student planning to take the bar exam in Florida.  I've never been arrested for anything and I have no criminal record, only a few minor traffic infractions (speeding tickets).  Yet, as I attempt to answer all the questions on the Florida bar exam truthfully, I find myself remembering several unfortunate incidents from my past that I am afraid will keep me from passing Florida's apparently stringent Character & Fitness examination.  I can't tell if the horrible feeling in my gut is justified or if I'm over-reacting, and after scouring the internet for information I've stumbled upon this forum in the hopes of getting some advice.

Both the incidents that concern me happened in my first two years of undergraduate study, and both revolve around the consequences of being involved with a girl who, to say the least, was bad for me.  The first incident happened at the end of my first year of college (2003).  After getting into an argument with my significant other, I consumed several bottles of beer and became intoxicated (under age, obviously) in my dorm room.  After getting drunk I wandered across campus to visit a friend in the hopes of crying on a shoulder.  My friend was concerned for my safety and notified her RA of my inebriation; the RA escorted me back to my dorm room and that was the end of it.  I assume that the RA was required to record this incident somewhere, but I was never subjected to any disciplinary action aside from an e-mail the following day indicating that my own RA application would have to be denied due to the incident.

The second incident happened roughly a year later during the spring semester of my sophomore year (2004).  After my girlfriend casually mentioned over AIM that she was cheating on me - with another girl - I became seriously upset, and (understandably) I decided to end the relationship with her.  Rather than see her in person, which I never wanted to do again, I sent a strongly-worded e-mail which, as you can imagine, contained a variety of vulgarities.  The e-mail was not threatening in any way; it was merely an expression of my outrage and my intent to conclude our rather destructive relationship once and for all.  I fully intended on never seeing her again (and I never did).  But that's not the end of the story, unfortunately.  A few weeks later I was summoned to see the Dean of Students, who claimed that the e-mail, in conjunction with some other pieces of evidence, constituted sexual harassment.  As a result I was issued an "Active Avoidance Order" to stay away from the girl in question, which I complied with fully.  I was not issued any probation, suspension or any other disciplinary action, nor was I asked to leave the school.  At the end of that semester I even transferred schools to get away from the situation once and for all, in the hopes of starting fresh.

After reflecting on both of these incidents and conducting research on what exactly constitutes poor character and fitness in Florida, I can't tell whether or not this is a big problem.  Most of the cases I read about online in which an applicant has problems passing the character and fitness portion of the Florida Bar Exam involve serious misconduct in the form of criminal conviction and the concealing of those convictions.  As I said before, I have no criminal record and I intend to keep it that way.  But the two above incidents don't exactly speak well for my moral character.  The horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach is only worsened by the fact that I did not disclose either of these incidents on my application to law school, which I hear is a big no-no.  Upon examination of my law school application, I fully and truthfully answered all the questions on it, but the application asked only about criminal convictions, having been suspended/expelled/placed on probation by a school, and being asked to leave a school.  The law school application did not ask about violations of student conduct codes or ask about minor disciplinary actions.  If it had, I would have certainly disclosed the information.

So, here I am asking for your opinions.  I can't tell if I'm being silly or if I have legitimate concerns.  Thanks in advance for responses.

We can't help you if you won't tell the whole story.

ps You aren't telling the whole story.

And, if so, why are we letting them get away with it? Why do we allow law schools to lie to prospective students and enrollees by fudging their statistics? Is this not fraud or false advertising? Isn't a school implicitly promising certain levels, qualities and types of opportunities that will inevitably not come to fruition for some students, even if they do perform well? Shouldn't we sue?

Applicants discovered lying or fudging any aspect of their profiles for the benefit of gaining admission are subject to recision of their school admission(s), scholarships and grants, diplomas and bar admission(s), not to mention the forfeiture of any tendered monies to the schools. However, Schools that lure promising students with fake numbers face NO PENALTIES.

My question is this: if students or graduates discover schools falsifying their stats, should they not be allowed to seek recovery of at least a percentage of their money? After all, the students have been falsely induced to the schools and might have made other choices with more accurate information, and this can diminish the value of a school's diploma. What's good for the goose, should be good for the gander, right?

Yeh but who would want to live in Chambana as anything other than an undergrad
I've heard more than a few people dis on small midwest college towns(I.E Bloomington, South Bend, and Champaign) and I understand that not everyone would want to live there. As someone though who's been a surbanite their whole life though, I'd much rather be in a small town than say New York, Chicago, or L.A; I imagine being a 1-l is tough enough without having to adjust to an urban environment.

I can't believe you lumped Bloomington in with South Bend and Champaign. I've been to all three and Bloomington is far and away the best, while South Bend is far and away the worst.


Full disclosure: I applied to and got rejected by U of I, IU-B, and ND!

Yeh but who would want to live in Chambana as anything other than an undergrad

Good point. You're not the first person I've heard say bad things about that area. I've heard it's the worst of the Big Ten cities.

There really isn't much of a difference between these two schools, in my opinion.  The quality of the student body really is not that much better at U of I, so I personally think you should take into account where you're getting the better deal financially, as well as other considerations such as which school's overall curriculum and program you prefer.  Kent also has the advantage of being located in Chicago, which is nice as far as getting a head start on contacts, clinical experience, and employment opportunities in the city (as well as political/governmental positions down the road).  You can definitely get where you want to be from both, though.

I completely disagree. The quality of the student body at Illinois is much higher. So are job prospects. Data bears this out.

Transferring / Re: T10 transfer, taking questions...
« on: March 06, 2009, 08:32:39 AM »
Low end T100 to T10 transfer here.  Taking all questions -- admissions, quality of life, grades, student attitude towards transfers, journal participation (on ed. board now, so can talk about that too), etc.  This is much more fun than working on journal stuff.

How do your grades compare at your new school?

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