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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / new with questions
« on: December 30, 2008, 02:29:09 PM »
Hi everyone, I am new, glad I found this forum, seem like a great place for answers that I have.

I would like to know if it would be easy finding part time law related work while in law school full time. I know and read that there are summer jobs but it would seem like 1L would be the toughest on the wallet.

a little about me
soon to be married and 2 children
in undergrad (took 10+ years off to work)

I first started to want to get in to law working with the FBI to prosecute someone who hacked my servers. seem like the world need more IP laws and people who understand the new technologies and able to apply the IP laws. I am accomplished in my field, but I finally just decided to go back to school to finish the ug degree so I can get into law school. I took a few prep tests for LSAT and find myself enjoying the tests very much and upon further reading I found out I would suit the field of law pretty well.

But it is going to be tough figuring out what to do to keep my family living well while attending school full time. I don't want to do PT programs because I already missed so much time with school. I also have kids, a mortgage and other things to pay for.

I looked on LSN and thing I can probably qualify for some scholarships at the middle level schools, but I would still need a decent amount to upkeep the home. My soon to be wife would stay home, take care of the kids and work part-time.

My question would be

Would 1L be able to find part time work in law related field? I would have to quit what I am doing now, and the part-time jobs I can get do not pay very well.

What are the chances of getting top schools with my situation? My current GPA is about 3.7, I plan to get it to 3.8 by graduation (most classes I am taking I should be qualified to teach, thats 1 good thing about working in the industry so long :) ). I hope to get 170 on LSAT, I am getting 165 or so with the prep tests but I have not done a prep course yet (took the tests cold).

I live in Philadelphia, and have some credentials with some good organizations in the area, and I want to get into Penn. I will apply to Penn and Temple, from LSN maybe I can get money from Temple if I get to my grade/LSAT target, but really want to get into Penn... If I can get in and afford it!

I am Asian but I guess thats not going to help me lol

thanks all!

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