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Where should I go next fall? / Re: 2.68 gpa, 149 LSAT
« on: January 08, 2009, 02:19:13 AM »
I know that you would like to stay within the 500 mile radius.  However, if you change your mind I have compiled a short list of schools in the Texas and surrounding area that you should be able to get into.  At least two of them are HBCU.,4017173.0.html

Minority Topics / Re: 146 lsat 3.0 gpa
« on: January 03, 2009, 01:13:47 AM »
SYN, Brit, DBgirl, and LEGO-

My low lsat score equals one less person in competition for your six figure job after law school.  Isnt this what we consider paradoxical when you advise me to increase my lsat to become more competitive?<- Just kidding.  You guys are right.  Inherently this test was is at odds with me.  However, with proper study I am sure I can raise my score.  I cannot imagine that in law school students are as supportive while remaining equally competitive. At any rate thank you for the motivation.  ;D

And to you LSAT...I'll see you in HELL.

please read ps and i will reciprocate.  private message me.  thanks

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: Thread for LSAT 145- 149 scores
« on: January 01, 2009, 03:16:31 PM »
Thanks.  This is good information.  More than likely I WILL be retaking the LSAT.  It is good to always know what your options are.  Thanks again.

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: Thread for LSAT 145- 149 scores
« on: January 01, 2009, 12:26:31 PM »
I could not find what you are referring to.  I have not registered as of yet.  Does this matter as far as having this function of LSAC operable?

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: Thread for LSAT 145- 149 scores
« on: January 01, 2009, 03:22:50 AM »
To get a better idea of where you could go check out this link:

Minority Topics / Re: 146 lsat 3.0 gpa
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:58:40 PM »
To Britney and Stole your nose-
It seems to me that the more important thing is money and tuition.  If there were less people going for money then the career market would not be so saturated.  I would like to think that the motivation behind you is to practice law for the love of it or study law to become a more enlightened person; anything but for the money.  By a rule of thumb it is a bad idea to do most things for the sake of money.  However, I do understand that most people will incur a debt.  I have a solution.  Apparently daddy cannot pay for it so let your uncle; Uncle Sam that is.  For just a few years of your life dedicated, not for money but for the sake of democracy and freedom, you (speaking in general not directly) too can have a full ride.  Now this will be the true test of your desire to attend law school. Problem solved.

Minority Topics / Re: Help!!!!!!!! advise needed 144, 3.58
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:15:32 PM »
I went a recalculated the numbers and my UGPA is a 3.21.  I stumbled out of the gates when I was younger.  I would like to comment on anthoner thread in which you wrote in.  I do understand that it is what it is as far as the cut off point with LSAT and such.  However, there must be a voice here to encourage those who did not score as well.  We all know that this test is not a true picture of how a person performs in law school.

Minority Topics / Re: 146 lsat 3.0 gpa
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:06:16 PM »
I see how you may think that my statement is conflicting.  You must understand that some people, 30% approximately, may have to work with the numbers they have.  There are several factors that dictate whether a person has "enough" time to study.  There are also people who do take a year to study and still are roughly in the same position.  Scoring a low LSAT score is not sufficient grounds to start questioning a personís desire to go to law school and become a lawyer.  Also statistically it is extremely hard for any law grad to find work, unless you graduated top 10 from top ranked schools.  So even if a person increases his or her score and got into a prestigious school, there is no guarantee that he or she will land a job paying enough to live comfortably and still pay college loans.  If that same person took his or her low score and got accepted to a law school, albeit lower tier, the opportunity is still there for several things. That person can transfer up.  Statically this is low also.  However, it is possible.  Also that same person may be able to gravitate to the top of the class whereas at a higher ranked school he or she may be at the bottom.  The bottom job prospects are no greater than a lower tier student whom was at the top of his or her class.  Everyone enters law school with the goal of working hard.  Nonetheless people will fail out at a 1 tier school just as well as they will a 4 tier school.  As far as jobs are concerned everyone always focuses on their FIRTST job out of law school.  How many people do you know that are still working at their FIRST job?  Your first job my last only one year.  Your second job may be the 6 figure job.  No one wants to talk about that.  All I am saying is for people who have scored low it is not the end of the world and there are still plenty of options.  As I said a low LSAT score is no reason for a personís desire to be a lawyer stand in question.  If that is the case then I must question all those who did not score a 180.  Stone walls do not make a prison no more than LSAT scores a Lawyer.

Minority Topics / Re: 146 lsat 3.0 gpa
« on: December 31, 2008, 12:22:17 PM »
You are right.  I do need to get out of the 140's.  But to realistic I am who I am.  I may be a 140's guy.  This is not resigning to anything.  This can change if I put the right amount of time in.  The right amount of time could possibly for one person be two months whereas for me several months.  At this point I do not have several months.  As for my schooling I hate to admit but I had problems with college algebra.  That is where my F came from.  Along the way at the CC when I was like 18 I aquired one D and two C's.  Since then, and we are talking over a decade later, I have maintained a 4.0, which calculates to a 3.21.  Yes they were all A's.  You get what you put in.  Just like the LSAT.  I am sure I can get out of the 140's I do not have that time to study right now.  If you have read my latest thread it is strictly for 145's-149's.  There are 30% of test taker who end up confusioned and misinformed about what they can do.  Most of the comments people make to a 145er is, " Are you sure law school is what you want to do?".  Something to that effect.  However, the difference between a 145er and a 150er is no more than 10 questions.  Yet a 150er never gets questioned as to his desire to go to law school.  Stone walls do not make a prison no more than LSAT scores a Lawyer.

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