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Good note, Jamie.  I think I need to get off the fence of being both PA and So Cal, and need to commit to So Cal.  Definitely understand it's hard to predict without a hard LSAT score, but I've taken enough timed tests by now (twenty or so) and was modest enough in my score that I'd wager very highly I score within a few points of a 167. 

The problem seems to be that in So Cal there are either very easy to get into schools with my scores or others where I'd be anywhere from 25th to 50th percentile.

If you're deciding between two regions, I don't think there's a problem with applying to schools in both of those regions.  Once you hear back, you might be able to make a better decision (maybe you get into better schools in one region and that sways your decision, or maybe you realize the schools you got into in a region would be a bad investment, or whatever may happen). 

So Denver is really delightful

Told you so. Too bad you didn't have time to meet up with Tasha, Matthies and I while you were here.

I know! I was so busy with wedding stuff since I was only there one full day, but I enjoyed it so much I might have to come back! 

I would say go with one that you like the best/best paying. I do not think that law school admissions would look higher on you based on the fact that you have expirience [sic] working for a lawyer.


Studying for the LSAT / Re: Oct 2010 Test, questions about Test Day
« on: July 26, 2010, 06:51:47 AM »
for 1-3: yes

ion, check out this gem:

Why do I have a paying job then? While you who goes to the 82nd best liberal arts UNDERGRAD and you have never a job in your life and yet you act like you know what you are talking about when have nto even taken the LSAT. Shut UP and stop talking out of your a**!

You're a paralegal (operative word, paralegal). That is not much of a job and I could earn 3x much more after I finally graduate in the fall. Also, Carleton College is the 8th best liberal arts college in the country not the 82nd best.

I don't need a menial job as it won't even teach me a thing I need in life. Holding down some idiotic position as a manager at a retail outlet or some other job is not for me. That is the main reason why your prospects are so low as you held some common job and was bombarded by the views of the proletariat. I now have a 4.0 GPA and all I need is a 180 (a given as I studied as much as I needed to for the LSAT) and I can go to Harvard, Yale, or even Princeton if I want to. The only people who defend tier 4 schools are those who attend them.

Good luck getting into Princeton Law.  I'm willing to bet you don't.

So Denver is really delightful


oh wow! hey there

Too many big words.  Pinnacle, for example.

that's not really a big word   ???

To the OP-  the writing is fine, but it's pretty boring.  The admissions committee doesn't care about where you went to elementary school or high school or even college really (plus they'll see that on your resume).  I think you might have a good story in there....but I'm just distracted by the places you've lived and the schools you went to.  That's irrelevant- tell a story about who you are

Well, it looks like you have about a million posts on it, and about a billions views, so VICTORY!!!(I guess)  :)

Everything is a competition.

hah, it's  been a while since that's been pulled out!

Why is the thread so long with no real flow to it?

shear morbid persistence

 ;D ;D ;D

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