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Law School Admissions / Re: Help interpreting LSAT score!
« on: June 25, 2010, 05:24:43 PM »
I've seen the grids and the calculators, but I'm wondering if my GPA is worth any more since it came from the U of C.

not really, chances are you will fall right in where everyone else with your LSAT/GPA.   You're a splitter, so acceptances/waitlists/and rejections might vary a bit, but don't expect a boost from your school.  Without having looked at LSN in the past year or so, I'd say NYU, Columbia, and Penn are reaches, Northwestern is a reach if you don't have any work experience, and you'll get into Boston and Fordham.  For your best chances, get all your essays, recs, etc. ready now so as soon as apps are up you can send it in. 



 :-* :-* :-*

Well now that she has a paid job this summer she doesn't have time for the lowly gingers of the world.


sad story.  I drove by Timmy and did not have time to see him  :'(


I got a stipend in the mail.  So I could just quit now and run  ;)

dude.  My (unpaid) summer internship just became paid without them really telling me.  Taking congratulations

I will offer a random anecdote in the interest of contributing a post:

Today I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life and I learned that my spine is seriously messed up.  They did a scan and showed me the pictures, so I'm fairly certain they aren't lying.  Awesome news to receive 2 months before I lose health insurance.

Has anyone here been to a chiro?  Did it help?

I don't trust them.  We read a case about one that tried to cure eye cancer or something...needless to say it didn't work

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