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hello from Haiti everyone!  I hope everyone's summer is going well.  I'm working here on the legal system for a bit, then I'll be back in the states for another legal internship

dude...who remembers Dress Like a Pirate Day on here?  I feel like we had some clever name, potentially involving avatarrrrs or something

I'm also sad to report that, although I went to former PJC territory, I did not have any gas station meals. I'm sorry for letting everyone down.

that's so sad :(

Although, I just looked at the rankings and I'm a little shocked.  How the hell did Indiana and UC Davis jump so much? 

So apparently my school is totally freaking out about our drop in the rankings.  They're like having meetings if students want to attend to talk about it.  Crazies

UGPA is the only GPA that matters, really. Retake the LSAT, bump your score to the upper 160s/lower 170s and you're probably in.

How do you know they tend to ignore GGPA?  I can't imagine why they would do that.

UGPA and LSAT is what's reported to USNews, that's why GGPA doesn't matter

anyone doing anything fun for spring break?  I'll prob just be relaxing and working myself

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Exile LSD: GD MrZilla Foxtrot Locked Me Out
« on: February 18, 2011, 11:41:16 AM »
Hey everyone. I was worried you were all gone. :'(
I'm headed to the South over spring break and thought of y'all. Which is to say, ditto Blue :)
I am actually heading more South than I am and going to New Orleans to visit my sister. What? You say its also Mardi Gras.  :D

I was actually thinking about you northern folk because I am heading to Boston over Easter.
Miss y'all as well. Hope the semester is treating everyone well.

ooh mardi gras will be fun!

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