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lsat score came in today, i wasnt going to apply but i like my score. the schools i want to apply to have a march 1st deadline... would you say i can send it today even though lsac is closed?

should it be casual conversational? or not? i dont want it to sound like a research paper on my life..


For the sake of disclosure, I am a URM. I am having trouble with my personal statement. I have buckled down to a topic and decided on one which I call "it could have happened to me." The gist is, I tell stories of people I was close to and situations I was in that could have lead me down the wrong path. ie, selling drugs, in jail dead etc. Does this sound like a bad idea? Does it make me seem like I have the potential to be a corrupt lawyer or that I have bad people in my life and may not be able to conduct law ethically etc?

I have a small anecdote about one time where I almost brought a knife into school for protection from a bully. I also have another story of a time I was with a friend who planned on shooting someone, but fortunately things didn't go according to plan.

I decided on this because I don't really have a unique story. I used my class clown/slacker turned serious student as a personal statement at my current university and want to tread new waters.
Is this too much detail and does it make me look bad?

Thanks in advance

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