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They wouldn't allow her to take the Georgia state bar because she went to a terrible law school. Northwestern California University School of Law treats students poorly. The admissions guy named "Nick" told me that we woud rather kill himself instead of going to law school to be a lawyer. Nick then went on to tell me that he is too busy to send me demo of their lectures. This is the only law school that doesn't have online demo's to show prospective students. He was rude. I tried to discuss Nicks negative conduct with the Dean of the school Michael Clancey. Clancey was just as negative and rude as Nick. They defended one another. I think Dean Michael Clancey and Nick of the Northwestern California University School of Law are gay lovers. I never seen two men stick up for each other like that. It was weird.

If she would have graduated from an online law school with a good reputatin, then they probably would have allowed her to take the Georgia bar.

« on: June 02, 2010, 08:44:13 PM »
I want to go to law school online.  In Georgia, our choices are few and far between.  I am 43 years old.  My undergrad GPA is 3.69.  My LSAT was 140... sad.  I am a mother of 2 and actually finished my Bachelor's degree online and took 6 classes towards my Masters in Law and Public Policy.  Both school were accredited, regular colleges.   I am not even really interested in being a trial attorney anyway.  I just love the law.

After all the research I did on online law schools, I decided to go with Taft.  You can actually get Federal Student Aid and have your current student loans deferred while attending.  That is a plus.  They have also been around a long time and after talking with them, I thought they were the best choice for me.

However, I got an email from them on Friday indicating that they have had a lot of applications for the Fall semester and they requested I write an essay on which part of the First Amendment is most important in our modern society.  No more than 5 pages.  They say this will allow them to determine who will succeed at Taft.  Do they think they are Harvard? 

Now... I cannot figure out if this is their way of not admitting me or if they are on the fence and want to see if I can write.  Since I have been in the legal profession 18 years and have taken 6 law classes already, I have written legal essays and briefs so I sent an essay I already wrote for another class.  It was about cases being tried in the media.  I received an A- on it.  It's a pretty good essay.  It is possible they have too many applicants for September and I assume if they did not want me, I would have already been rejected. 

My second choice of schools is California School of Law but the benefit of deferring current student loans is not available. 


Sooooo, which school did you choose? It's a year later, and you should be almost done with your first year of one of the online law schools. Care to share with us?

An online law school graduate can take the bar in most states if they pass any other bar such as the California bar and practice for a certain amount of years. You don't have to be a graduate from an accredited law school. Each state is different. Some states require you to practice for only 3 years, others require 5 years, etc... See the National bar counsel's website for each states requirement.

It doesn't work.

Current Law Students / Kindle and lawschool books.
« on: May 31, 2010, 05:41:51 PM »
Anybody know of any law student book publishers for kindle?

Current Law Students / Where is the "search" feature on this forum?
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What if they let her take it, and she failed?  :(
That would be embarrassing.

So can she appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court?

If one of these online law school grads ever take it to the Supreme Court and win, then ALL the bars in every state would have to allow online grads to sit for the bar in any state.
I wonder how many other online grads petitioned their decisions to their stat bar and won/ lost.

The California bar web site makes public each and every law schools pass ratio with how many students passed. Online schools have the worse pass ratio. Yale is number one with a 94% pass ratio. Bringham Young University has a high pass ratio in the 90's. Check it out for yourself. Scroll to the bottom to see the statistics by date.

Online Law Schools / Re: Concord (or another school)
« on: May 28, 2010, 09:14:42 PM »
Concord doesn't have a very good pass ratio at all. In fact, according to the California State bar public statistics page, none of the online law schools have a good pass ratio. For Concord online law school, the California October 2009 bar exam, out of 207 Concord students that took the exam, only 37 passed. Ummm, that's not very good. Take a look for yourself.

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