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Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 17, 2011, 03:30:20 AM »
McKenzie friend sounds like a Paralegal to me.
A McKenzie friend is the American version of a Paralegal?

No thanks. I would rather be an attorney and sue people that do others harm. I would rather make them *&^% their pants after they find out they were sued after I serve them with a lawsuit summons.

Paralegals get paid by the hour. Attorney's get paid a percentage of the winnings. If an attorney gets a class action lawsuit going, then he can have a multi million dollar payday. The paralegal earns $12.00 an hour regardless of the outcome of the case.

I'm sure you already knew that, however, you felt like talking, therefore, so do I.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 16, 2011, 01:33:46 PM »
poops and giggles.  :o ???

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 16, 2011, 01:15:08 AM »
So you don't want to be a lawyer, but then you list all the stuff an attorney can do from home?

You do know they are synonymous terms right?  ??? (not counting "power of attorney" of course)

I can tell you didn't read the whole post. I said, "for arguements sake". You must not be American. You also misunderstood another post on here.
Furthermore, anybody can take a case to appeal to the supreme court. That is weird that you attack people on a public forum that appeal cases and take them to the supreme court. It is their right to take a case to the supreme court. I am offended that you would come on here and insult people that do so.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 15, 2011, 10:50:14 AM »
I'm not trying to be mean, really, but if you won't get out of bed what kind of lawyer do you think you'll make?  Even the self scheduling fields, like patent, require considerable amounts of work.  Yeah you can do it when you choose, but you still must get out of bed and do it.

Not trying to directly bash online schools here, btw.

Who said I was going to be a lawyer? Not everybody that attends law school wants to be a lawyer. Lots of people get a J.D. for the education and not to work as a lawyer. There are a lot of job opportunities for people that hold a J.D. that never took a state bar. A J.D. is an advanced degree. Some people choose to get a masters degree after their bachelors, and others go on to get a J.D.

For arguments sake, technology has advanced to the point that paperwork and legal documents can be filed via e-file, and not many cases make it to the court room, as they settle out of court via online conference. Modern technology allows todays attorney to research cases from their home computer instead of spending hours and weeks in the law library. Many attorneys are ghost writers and do piece work for other attorneys to help with their case loads, and these attorneys work from home as the attorney they are working for might live out of town. Todays attorney can run a home office and save a ton of money on space rent. It is very common.  They rent office space in an executive suite with a P.O. box and answering service for $100.00 a month, which allows them to use the conference room to make them look fancy. The conference room even gives free coffee and cookies for the customers. They probably will only have to the conference room once a month if even that, since they can do their consultations via telephone. Ahhh. The modern attorney.  ;)

Don't you think online law school is similar to "sovereign citizen" thinking?

Instead of trying to beat the American government and complaining about having to attend an American ABA approved law school, why not just get an online LLB from a foreign law school and bring it back to the USA and take any state bar within the U.S.A.  The USA accepts foreign LLB law degrees as long as they are from a common law country such as UK, Ireland, Australia, etc... Case solved.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: 1 L starting school in July 2010
« on: November 15, 2011, 02:58:11 AM »
You people are acting like a bunch of "Sovereign Citizens".  Crazy!  Hahaha. :o :o ???

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 15, 2011, 02:53:18 AM »
This is interesting about a highly educated man of the sovereign citizen movement. It appears this book "Federal Mafia" that was written by a sovereign citizen was on its way to becoming a best seller, when a Judge banned it from being sold and put the auther in prison for 13 years. He is still in Prison until 2016.

Since the Judge ordered the book not to be sold to people, the auther then said, "OK", and he is giving it away for free download on his website. Hahaha. After all, he is not selling the book; He is giving the book away for FREE download. Here is the website that you can download his free book titled "Federal Mafia".

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 15, 2011, 02:46:45 AM »
I have been reading more about sovereign citizens. I read a few of the constitutional laws, UCC codes and other statutes they are referring to, and it appears that they inded do have a valid argument and the laws they are referring to are real. However, if the Judges do not want to honor their requests and they still issue traffic tickets, and they still have to pay their debt, and pay taxes, then they should just forget about it and pay the IRS, traffic tickets and fines.

There are several highly educated people such as Attorneys who are "sovereign citizens', that are in prison right now for not paying their taxes after they tried to argue that they are sovereign citizens and the constitution of the United States says they do not have to pay.

The Amish are allowed to live without social security cards and no help from the goverment. Amish have their own government inside a government. They do not have license plates and they have their own police station and Amiish court room, so then if they are allowed to denounce the government, then why can't another citizen do the same? If they allow the Amish, then they should allow all people.

Personally, I think it is weird to give up your social security card. If you give up your social security card, then you do not get your retirement money when you get too old to work. Therefore; they will have no income. Also, what will happen if these people get robbed or murdered by one of their own sovereign citizen people? If they are not citizens of the United States, then they can not go to court and they have to be released, so then a murder will be loose in America so do it all over again.

I also think it is weird and makes no sense that these people are cop killers. That is weird to kill a cop or a person just because they get stopped for a routine traffic stop.

My research shows that most of these sovereign citizens are poor indigent people and lost their homes to foreclosure after they lost their jobs. A lot of them live in their hippi vans. They were looking for a way to pay their debt, and then they found the sovereign citizen group. Sounds like another cult, especially since they brainwash people into killing cops and other government workers.

Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma city bomber, was a "sovereign citizen."


Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 13, 2011, 09:24:45 PM »
What is this "sovereign citizen" all about? If we never attend a law school, and we teach ourself law, then can we take any state bar if we declare sovereign citizenship?
I'm interested in learning more about the topic of "sovereign citizen".

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 13, 2011, 09:22:47 PM »

In fact, it is so hard that unless there is some geographic or medical reason, a bricks and morter school is almost always better.

Yes, one can get a California law license via online or correspondence study but you will find that the successful students have a knack for wrote memorization.

I think brick and morter law school is easier. Although I have not attended one, I heard that everybody pretty much passes and they have open book tests and you do not even have to attend class for the lectures. You just have to show up for the open book tests. You can also take classes though the summer and get it over with in 2 years insted of the 4 years that online law school makes us do. However; I prefer online learning. No reason that I have to attend online law school instead of brick and morter other than I'm just too lazy to get out bed. I'm in bed right now on my laptop. It is 8pm here and I still haven't gotten out of bed. I'm just lazy. I can not see myself going to law school class every day at the Univeristy. I got my whole bachelors degree online. So naturally I want to attend online law school too. :-)

As far as memorization to pass the bar, I thought the bar was structured around essay questions? Doesn't that mean that we have to be able to put together proper sentences and have good grammar, and not multiple choice?

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