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Not sure where to direct you, but I heard that there are some online foreign law schools that are reasonably priced at under $4000.00 for an entire 4 year law degree. Every State bar within the united states accepts foreign law degrees and will allow you to sit any state bar. This includes online foreign law degrees. The problem with this, is that other countries have different laws, so it would be difficult to learn, or rather difficult to pass the American state bar since you are learning a different countries law. For example, other countries do not have the constitution and we do.

Write the Concord graduate who petitioned  Massachusetts to take its bar exam.  Ask him how he went about petitioning that state's bar exam.  I posted the court opinion on this forum around October of last year.  Even though it is a different state, the procedure may be similar.

I wonder if his petition is public record anywhere? I'd like to see a copy of that petition.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Petitioning a State
« on: July 04, 2012, 02:47:31 PM »
this seems to be the place for all non aba related questions

are there any states lenient enough to allow someone to take the bar exam where the school has been approved by the state?

Most states allow you to "petition to take the bar exam" through their supreme court rules of that state, as long as you can prove that your legal education, whether online or in person, is equivelant to an ABA approved law school. Lots of people petition to take the bar exam. Some are allowed to take it and some are not.

Not to dog out the school, but I'm surprised to hear that there is a waiting list at all; considering their are not an accredited school and all . . .

Online law schools do not wait list people because it is online and does not require classroom attendance. Brick and mortar law schools wait list students because they their classrooms can only hold so many students and they have to wait to see if some students decide on a different school before they allow other students to join.

Something is fishy with that Saint Francis online law school. They are not even accredited. Forget them. They don't want your business. They sound like a mafia front to launder money. They don't want real students. All their students are fake paper only students. Go with another school.

I said I didn't want to be a lawyer.  I didn't say I didn't want to practice law.  you can practice jaw without being a lawyer. 

Other online law schools do not care what your plans are after you graduate. They just want your money. They know that not everybody that attends online law school does not go on to practice law. These are older students that already have careers and jobs. Business owners attend online law school with no intention on taking any bar exam anywhere. They merely attend online law school for the legal knowledge so they can keep themselves out of the court room and keep from being sued or to know how to defend their business in case they ever are sued. Some students have spend a fortune on lawyers defending their own lawsuits from their business being sued, and they figure it would be cheaper to attend online school school for the knowledge, and yet others are attending for job promotion, not to be an attorney. Some jobs only require that you have a J.D but not a bar license.

It sounds like St. Francis is turning away students intentionally.  Others on here have posted that they were also denied admission.

Any opinions on ALUSL? I understand they were CHEA accredited last year. As a result I heard they will start offering Federal Student Loans to their law student sometime later this year.

They don't allow students with 60 college credits any longer(Since January 2012). A student must have a bachelors degree or higher to attend, the same as Concord.


State Bar Requirements Attorneys who obtain their law degree through learning by electronic means or U.S. mail, from
an accredited school of law, should be allowed to take the Texas Bar Exam.

When did they propose this? Post the link to the online article.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 20, 2011, 03:53:35 PM »
I am  not in my golden years, idiot.  Senior citizen is a title given to those members of this forum who have posted over a certain number of statements.

passaroa, he is talking to me. I am a senior citizen and I am a grandma. Actually, he was not talking to me, but rather he was rudely mentally attacking me while making fun of senior citizens.

The average online law school student is over the age of 45, so "justanothersucker" is rude for coming on this part of the forum (distant learning) and making fun of and harassing seniors. It is also a crime and a felony in most states to harass senior citizens.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 19, 2011, 01:42:44 AM »

yeah. Way to go there GrandMa.

You disrespect your elders. You are a bad person. Yes, I am a grandma, and my grandchildren would never disrespect their elders as you did on this forum.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: Novus Law School
« on: November 17, 2011, 07:26:13 PM »
You really think that was a good legal argument don't you? Most of it wasn't even on topic kid.

Oh, and if you are offended by a preference to lawstudents and lawyers over random self interpretation of the law based google searches...... maybe you shouldn't have come to a lawschool discussion forum dude.

So you don't want to be a lawyer, but then you list all the stuff an attorney can do from home?

You do know they are synonymous terms right?  ??? (not counting "power of attorney" of course)

I can tell you didn't read the whole post. I said, "for arguements sake". You must not be American. You also misunderstood another post on here.
Furthermore, anybody can take a case to appeal to the supreme court. That is weird that you attack people on a public forum that appeal cases and take them to the supreme court. It is their right to take a case to the supreme court. I am offended that you would come on here and insult people that do so.

Who are you talking to? I'm old enough to be your mother, and possibly your grandmother. Do not call me "dude" and a "kid". In fact. Get lost you uneducated weirdo freak, and stop stalking me and stop following me all over this forum and posting negative comments to every one of my posts. Go stalk somebody else and leave me alone.

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