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Online Law Schools / Re: Mid-Atlantic School of Law
« on: December 13, 2014, 09:32:05 PM »
Is this law school still open? I can't find a website for them. Anybody have a link?

I guess she flunked out within the first year. She never responded or kept us updated.

Online Law Schools / Re: NWCU by the numbers
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:29:04 PM »
You're asking me if I can read?

No, he asked you where you got your statistics from. He didn't ask you if you can read.
It looks like your NWCU law school is not training you very well. A good law school would train their law students to never quote statistics without a citation. You never provided a citation because you either made it up, or you foolishly repeated what somebody else told you without verifying the information.

Can we please have another update? It's been a month since the last update? Your updates are very helpful to future online law school students such as myself.

The non ABA grads are in an inferior position per se because they cannot forum shop for an easier bar to take.

What state has the easiest bar?


It can be done, and I'm sure you can find testimonials from people who have done it. I'd be willing to bet that most of the success stories involve people who had small business/entrepeneurial experience before attending online law school. In the end, my point is this: unless you have a very clear plan and understand the ramifications of attending an unaccredited school, you may not save that 40k after all. The decision is yours alone, and I might be totally wrong about everything I've said. These are just a few things that I want to consider if I were in your position.

...From what I can gather, you can attend some of the calbar schools with only an associate's degree.

You don't need an associated degree. You only need 60 college credits.

Things have changed since then.  Did they have the Blackboard when you were going, calgal?  Their videos are nothing to rave about.  I didn't bother with them.  Same with the CDs. But their online chats & video chats are terrific.  Jeff Fleming now works for NWCU too & he comes to some of the video chats.  Lots of fun :)  There is both a text and video chat for each level. When BabyBar is coming up they put on special chats for the takers to participate in.

Who is Jeff Fleming? I was also thinking of attending this school, but only because of the cheap price, and no other reason. I do think an online law school should have either video or .mp3 voice lectures so we can listen to the teacher explain what we just read. If this school does not have them, then I won't be attending.

Just looking for others to study with or share study aids.


Did you ever start Concord June 5th? How are your studies coming along? You are almost two months into the problem now. Do you like it there? Do you recommend them? Maybe it's too soon to tell? Some student on here posted that they had too much homework from Concord so they had to drop out the first month. How about you?

... You can also take the English QLTS after two years because England has a reciprocity agreement with California, same with the Ireland QLTT. You will not be welcomed in any other state besides California and DC.

QLTS? Tell us more.

Go to law school first, pass the Cal bar, then have 2 years PQE, sign up, pay the fees, pass the exams:

Thanks, I was under the impression that somebody could go one year of law school, take the baby bar. Pass, then take the QLTS, then become a lawyer with only one year of online law school. So why bother taking the QLTS exam if you still have to attend 4 years of law school and pass the California baby bar and big bar? What is the purpose?

BTW, there is a lot of talk about if someone goes to an online school they won't be able to get a job.  Many threads by grads of traditional schools focus on getting a job.  Can get, hope to get, can't get.  A job.

A lawyer not being able to find a job has nothing to do with their online law J.D degree. There are lots of lawyers that attended brick and mortar ABA approved J.D programs that find can't work as lawyers either. If they can't a find work it's because they are not good writers or good public speakers. Most law firms will require a sample of the applicant's writing in addition to a face to face interview.

The new lawyers are failing the writing sample part of the interviews. Has nothing to do with where they attended law school.

I see ads in the online employment section all the time for associate attorneys. The employer does not care where you attended law school, he only cares whether you passed the state bar exam in that state. He would rather hire a licensed attorney that passed a state bar, and pay him/her the same money he would pay an unlicensed paralegal.

I think something is wrong with lawyers that say they can't find a job. If they can't find a job, then why not open up their own office and make their own job? As stated, their writing sample given to the employer is subpar and that is why they cant find a job.

The public defender office in every state are always hiring. However, they demand a writing sample. 

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