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As a Male African American Division 1 Football player who always took between 15 and 18 credits a semester With a 2.5 GPA and 153 LSAT,  What are ALL schools i should be looking at?  (sorry for the long wording)?  All the advice is much appreciated

Unless you are planning to take the LSAT over I would look at these schools:

Laverne (CA)
Southern University Law Center

I will PM you if I think of any others

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How do you format an addendum?

I would just do it in simple paragraphs...or one big one, as it is supposed to be a SUMMARY.  ;)

I took the October 2008 LSAT and to put it simply, I did bad.  Some unforeseen events occurred that led forced to me to leave the room during the reading comprehension section and come back to frantically bubble in B for over a dozen answers and return with little time to finish.  The same incident arose in the next section, where I bubbled in nearly 10 answersLuckily this section was experimental or else my already subpar score would have been much less.  Both of these events can be seen in my LSAT answer sheet report from LSAC. When I retook the LSAT I did not have this problem, and my score increased significantly.
 I feel that my score of XXX in no way represents how well I would succeed in Law school.  Looking back on my October 2008 LSAT I should have cancelled immediately but my curious mind needed to see what damage had been done.  Upon receiving my score I signed up for the December 2008 LSAT without delay.  I believe my December score of XXX corresponds to my abilities much better and hope that I will still be considered for admittance into the XXXXXXXX College of Law. 

Just a start. Elaborate on the underlined part. If it's explosive diarrhea or something then just say you were sick. but at least say that.

Oh, how I love the term "explosive diarrhea"   ;D ;D ;D

I've only read the first sentence, but I recommend adverbs.  "I did badly" or "I did not do well."

Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed too.

there seems to be superfluous comments in general...let us just do well shall we...comment early and often.

...beginning with english language standard practices help. but hell...aye use poetic license whenever aye drive on this board...aye don't think you need worry too much; some folks are intimidated by simple avatars... ;)

Touche!  :D

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Any takers on if that reporter will be subject to American laws/prosecution?

 ??? ??? ???

Black Law Students / Re: Dual Degrees
« on: December 14, 2008, 03:13:49 PM »
I have a friend who did a dual JD/MBA @ a T20, she is now a Managing Directer of a Financial Firm here in NYC. From what folks are saying she is in the low $200's in terms of salary. She says it was GRUELING, but she got through it..

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