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Me: Just looked back at the resume I sent to my first three schools (including both my big "reaches"), and discovered I left a line hanging at the comma: "As president, currently bringing speakers," Ouch. I've been updating this resume for so long that my eyes just kind of glaze over when trying to proof it. Argh. :-[ :-[ :-[


Last-minute paranoia: I have my LORs at LSAC, they're all general so it's all good. I don't need to do anything specifically before paying for my apps to ensure that they send them, right?

I mean, some apps ask the names of your recommenders, and I've filled those in, but is that all I need to do from here on out?

Law School Admissions / For those submitting before all LORs are in...
« on: September 16, 2006, 02:13:49 PM »
...I'm with you!

Is there a way to indicate that more letters will be arriving? I've got one at LSAC already, and another that probably won't be processed until October... :( I know that schools that want two letters won't consider my file complete until my second LOR comes in, but what about the schools (NYU, UMich in my case) that only require one? Is there any strategic reason I should even send in my second letter? I'm thinking the second one will be the better of the two, so I'd like to get as much use out of it as possible, y'know?

Law School Admissions / What's keeping you from applying?
« on: September 01, 2006, 04:12:10 PM »
It's September 1. Why haven't you applied yet?


  • Still a few hours to put in on my PS
  • Haven't started my Yale 250, my UM essays, or my diversity statement
  • Still waiting on one LOR

Yay! I'm done!


Oh no! I'm gonna get torn to shreds!

Oh, and a matter of procedure: I really like MS Word's "track changes" option, so I'd prefer to email my file out in as a .doc. So, if you'd like (completely optional), please post your email address in your reply. Thanks!

Page two. "School(s) submitting college certification(s):" Huh? I thought HLS did away with the preemptive dean's cert, pushing it back this year until/unless the applicant actually attends. Maybe I should see if I can get a direct response from Toby...

Law School Admissions / Columbia app: How to "sign" on the line?
« on: August 25, 2006, 10:51:59 PM »
Anyone else get to the end of the app and discover that only the date area is editable on the signature line? I can't figure out how they want me to sign it. I guess the directions said something like "signing or dating this form signifies ..." but that seems silly. Anyone figure out a way to sign it?

Law School Admissions / What if I apply, then get a fee waiver?
« on: August 17, 2006, 09:50:33 PM »
Say I apply to Columbia in a few weeks, then in January am mailed a fee waiver. Do they refund my fee? Or is there some gross (obviously not net) benefit to waiting until February to submit apps? If so, wouldn't that give the financially secure an unfair advantage in the application process?

Wait -- is this a sign the world isn't fair?


Apparently, LSAC doesn't supply a list of schools' opening dates for accepting apps. That's silly, so it's left to us here at LSD to do their work for them. I'm not vetting any of this, so if you think some of the data's bad, reply to the thread with a link to the correct information. Thanks!

Note: these dates are for the 2006-2007 cycle!

SchoolDate      Fee
YaleSept. 1$70
StanfordSept. 1$70
HarvardSept. 15$75
ColumbiaSept. 1$70
NYUSept. 5$85
UChicagoSept. 1$65
UPennSept. 15$70
BoaltOct. 1$75
UMichiganSept. 1$65
DukeSept. 1$70
NorthwesternOct. 1 *$80
UCLASept. 1$75
UTexasSept. 15$70
VanderbiltOct. 1$50
George WashingtonOct. 1$80
UMinnesotaOct. 15$65
WUSTLSept. 1$70
Boston U...$75
UIowaSept. 1$60**
Notre DameOct. 1$55***
Washington & Lee...$50****
EmorySept. 1$70
Boston CollegeSept. 15...
William & Mary"ASAP"$50
UIllinois - Urbana-Champaign......
UNCOct. 1$70
UWashingtonOct. 1...
FordhamSept. 1$65
UC DavisOct. 1$75
George Mason...$35
Ohio State......
Wake Forest......
FloridaSept. 11$30
AmericanOct. 1$65
Southern Methodist......
ArizonaSept. 1...
UC HastingsOct. 1$75
U Connecticut......

CardozoSept. 1$65
San DiegoSept. 1$50
St. Johns...$60
Santa ClaraSept. 15$75

* NU: You can schedule your interview as of September 1, as far as I can tell.
** Iowa: $85 for international students.
*** ND: It's $70 if you apply after January 16.
**** W&L: $50 could apply only to paper apps -- reply if you can confirm electronic apps are free.
***** UMD: Site lists both $65 and $60
****** Brooklyn: "Materials made available in September."

I'll add schools ranked lower than #50 if there's demand -- you give me the data, I'll put it in.

Thanks to this list's noble contributors:

Why, in 2006, should there be a microsecond delay between hitting the keys when filling in the app forms? Why, even when my phone number is listed correctly in LSAC's own data, should it be off by one digit when it shows up prefilled on the apps? Why can't we just use Adobe's nice, modern, works-just-fine method of typing in PDFs? Or web forms, for that matter?

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