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General Off-Topic Board / Fortune Cookies
« on: April 08, 2006, 01:07:50 PM »
HA!  I just cracked open my fortune cookie and it's probably the worst one ever:

"Hidden in a valley beside and open stream this will be the type of place where you will find your dream"

WTF- since when did they start rhyming? Post your fortune cookie fortunes here!

It all started with the typical "here are my numbers- where can i get in?" type question and now, with this thread, I hit 1,000 posts- From video games to sex to international diplomatic quagmires to LALSDfests, we've shared some happy memories together [sniffle, tear of joy :'(

[fireworks go off, I cut the cake]

Okay, that's all-carry on  :D

I'm not a big fan of op/eds normally, but I thought this one brought up some good stuff to discuss:

If somebody has the print version or online subscription to USNWR's top trial and int'l law programs and can post them here, I would appreciate it.  ;D

General Off-Topic Board / Even if I tried I couldn't make this up...
« on: March 20, 2006, 02:47:14 PM »
"Court Prescribes Viagra for Stallion"

I found this to be incredibly interesting:

what do you all think the role of former justices should be in our society?

I work in an office building with one location for UPS/Fedex drop-offs, so people are always running back and forth with packages.  Anyway, I went to the bathroom to wash my hand after a broken staple cut me, and I noticed this dude taking an open fedex box into the bathroom.  He goes into the stall, commences to "bomb Pearl Harbor" and then walks back out of the stall- and the entire time he has this unopen box full of paperwork with him, in the stall.  Then he walks up to the sink, drops the box on the counter (which is covered in soapy water), styles his hair, tapes up the box with and then walks out.

And he didn't wash his hands.

Who the hell brings unopen boxes of work-related documents into a stall with them while they poop?  And who doesn't wash their hands after doing so?  And who is the poor guy or gal who will have to open that box?

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